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Conservative Gun Lobbyist: Black Americans Need ‘Attitude’ Lesson From ‘Happy’ Africans

Conservative gun lobbyist Larry Pratt has sparked outrage with his extremely racist comments about black people in America, declaring that they need an “attitude” lesson from “happy” Africans. Speaking on the Gun Owner’s News Hour radio show, Pratt declared that Africa was more on the right track in terms of its government and social views than America and insinuated that the Obama administration could take some pointers.

“The African from Africa is a very pro-American person, a very happy person. I know several,” he said. “And they are always just happy with a joke, pleasant smile on their face. And they clearly don’t identify with the surliness that’s all too frequently the attitude of their fellow African-Americans here.”

Pratt also applauded the extremely conservative political stances of some African countries that are a violation of human rights in some cases. “The country of Ghana, it’s still illegal to commit an abortion, it’s illegal to be a homosexual,” he remarked. Very conservative social laws and very free market oriented as well. These are folks that stand apart and hopefully they can approach some of their fellow blacks and say, ‘Hey, buddy, you got this all wrong, let me explain to you the world really works.’”

Writer Selwyn Duke, who also spoke on the program, also made similar racist comments in declaring that Africans who can afford to come to the U.S. are of “a better stripe … than a lot of the Africans who can’t get here.”

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