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Man Found Dead With Slit Throat And Missing Ear, But Ruled As ‘Overdose’ After Shady Investigation

After what many believe was a shoddy investigation into the death of a Texas man, prosecutors have turned the case over to the state attorney general’s office for their own review. Alfred Wright went missing last Nov. 7 after calling his wife when his truck broke down on the side of the road. His parents eventually found his truck, but not their son, and he was later found dead  by police in a nearby area just 25 yards from the truck.

The death was ruled as an “accidental overdose” after an official autopsy found cocaine and meth in his system. However, his family has protested for a variety of reasons. Wright’s partially clothed body was found with a slit throat and missing ear, tongue and two teeth. The medical examiner’s report also noted slight puncture wounds in his addomen, left thigh, left lower leg and palm of the hand. His family also had no knowledge of him ever using drugs.

Furthermore, Wright’s family said in a press release that autopsy neglected to note any evidence of blunt force to this body. “The presence of drugs in Alfred’s system fails to explain the very apparent signs of severe trauma found on his body,” they noted. Wright’s truck has also yet to be searched by authorities nearly three months later and investigators have not interviewed either the people who found his body or those who last spoke with him.

Sabine County District Attorney Kevin Dutton said that “due to the allegations against the sheriff, and to avoid any appearance of impropriety, I have been requested and have agreed to turn this case over to the Texas Attorney General’s Office. I have requested that that office handle all further investigations and/or prosecutions concerning the Alfred Wright case.”

(Photo: CNN)

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