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Ann Coulter: Obama Acts Like “Manchurian Candidate” From Kenya

Ann Coulter has continued her tirade against Barack Obama by declaring that he acts like a “Manchurian candidate” from Kenya. While the political pundit wasn’t trying to argue that Obama isn’t from America when she spoke yesterday on Howie Carr’s radio show, she said that the President has behaved in an anti-Anerican manner regarding his policies.

“I know we’ve spent seven years trying to persuade right-wingers, no, he really was born in Hawaii, we have his birth certificate, stop with the crazy conspiracy theories. But, let’s just think for a thought experiment for a moment,” she said. “If Obama were born in another country, had no love for this country, and had set out to destroy America, what would he be doing differently? And now let’s get them smoking pot. That’ll be a boon to the economy.

Coulter was referring to Obama allowing states to decide whether marijuana should be legal; Colorado and Washington have since made marijuana legal for adults over 21, while 20 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana. “It is as if they have legalized retard pills,” she said. “You’ll have a kick, but you won’t be able to accomplish anything in your life, including delivering a newspaper.”

Last week, the conservative commentator declared that her friend’s sister “died from Obamacare” when her insurance coverage was canceled. Fearing the high cost of going to the hospital when she had a fever and deciding not to receive treatment, Coulter claimed her friend went into septic shock and died a few days later.

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