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Man Busted By Cops For Shooting Himself, Blaming ‘Black Man’

A California native who told police he was shot by an African-American man has now admitted that he made up the story and actually shot himself. Brent Thomas Posada told police in the city of Redding that the suspect was a black male in his late 20s, standing at six feet tall and weighing 185 pounds. He also said the man was wearing “a black hoodie-style sweatshirt, blue jeans and black, high-top shoes with silver stripes.” But after police determined that Posada’s story didn’t add up, he admitted shooting himself with a high-powered rifle earlier this month.

Posada initially told police that he was standing on a sidewalk when a black man pointed a handgun at his head. When he moved the suspect out of the way, he was shot in the abdomen. However, police found no evidence at the scene and deduced that his injuries contradicted his version of events. After multiple interviews law enforcement officials, Posada came clean on Monday.

It still remains unclear why Posada made up the story or even shot himself to begin with. The Shasta County district attorney’s office will now review the case determine if charges would be filed, but it’s likely that Posada will be required to cover the cost of the investigation.

(Photo: Crime Voice)

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