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George Zimmerman’s BFF Making TV Career As White Supremacist

Only in America: George Zimmerman’s BFF, Frank Taaffee, has somehow managed to make a career out of being a white supremacist. Best known for perhaps being the only pro-Zimmerman voice on television during and after the trial, the fellow neighborhood watch volunteer was eventually exposed as an ex-con and white supremacist who said on record that “the only time a black life is validated is when a white person kills them.” He also hosts a white power podcast and has repeatedly declared that blacks and whites have no business mingling together.

But somehow, he is managing to profit off these horrid views. Taafee is now regularly providing commentary for HLN in the murder trial of Michael Dunn, who declared self-defense in his shooting of black teen Jordan Davis, which originated over an argument about loud rap music. He has been on HLN six times so far this month and is scheduled to make nightly appearances for the rest of the week on both Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew on Call.

Of course, Taafee is supporting Dunn and argued that the killing was justified even if Davis didn’t have a firearm because black men are prone to violence. “You talk about the white man being the devil—well, here’s a fact…According to the FBI, and the US Department of Justice, African Americans make up 12 percent of the population, yet they commit the most disproportionate amount of violent crimes,” he told Dr. Drew. “So, when Michael Dunn pulled into that gas station, you know, you wonder why we have these premonitions.”

Several internet protests are beginning to circulate that call for HLN to stop giving Taafee airtime and remove him from their programs.

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