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George Zimmerman ‘Homeless’ And Suffering ‘From PTSD’

George Zimmerman has declared in a surprising new interview that he is homeless and suffers from PTSD due to his shooting of Trayvon Martin and the consequences that have followed from it. Speaking to Univision on the news show Aqui y Ahora, which aired his interview yesterday, he maintained his innocence and said that shooting the teenager was vital in order to save his own life.

“When he saw my handgun and looked at it and told me that he was going to kill me that night, that was enough of a threat after the way he had attacked me,” said Zimmerman. “I felt his hand going for my weapon.”

Zimmerman was found not guilty on all charges last July, but faced millions of dollars in legal fees afterwards. He sold an original oil painting for over $100,000 last December, but said he is now “totally homeless” and relies on his family to help him. Zimmerman also said he has received ongoing death threats and can’t go out unless he is wearing a bulletproof vest.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Zimmerman would square off in a “celebrity boxing match” against rapper DMX. Celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman said he would hand-pick the 100 people who attended the boxing match due to security concerns. However, the fight was cancelled just one week later after national outrage at Zimmerman trying to cash in on shooting the unarmed teenager.

(Photo: Reuters)

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  • sunshipballoons

    He’s made it clear that he believes this is all a plot by “the Government and Obama” against him. Which just goes to show that, like the vast majority of homeless people, mental illness is clearly playing a role here.

  • rosa

    what happened to his fiancé and that lawyer taking the case for free? he also has a mother, brother and father. how can he be homeless with a lawsuit coming against nbc. but I guess he knows that the Martins will sue him after he sues NBC. I Know your mother at least still loves you. you can always go to mom no matter what. after all she and daddy made you the monster you are. goodlucK, LOSER.

  • Dave

    So he had to shoot Trayvon because Trayvon tried to take the gun away from the guy who was stalking him and then instigated a fight with him. Again, help me understand how stand your ground works? If I hunt someone with a gun, and then they try to take it away from me, I’m entitled to kill them? In what universe does this make sense?

    • dozr

      Trayvon Martin was a thug and attacked Zimmerman. Zimmerman defended himself. Anyone that sees this any other way has their eyes closed to the facts. If Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman were in the others shoes this wouldn’t have been a national story. It would have been a one off news report if Zimmerman was lucky enough for the media to care.

      • A Melvin Cohen

        Ridiculous, the only thug was G Zimmerman.this kid didn’t come looking for him , he came after the kid.and if that was a black man that did the shooting of a white man in the same circumstance he would be put in jail the rest of his life .so it kind of stupid of you to say such a thing.

        • dozr

          Roderick Scott… killed a white kid didn’t go to jail. Didn’t hear even a fraction of the Zimmerman case in the media. Both teens were committing crimes at the time of the shootings. (Assaulting someone is a crime, following someone you think is up to no good is not a crime.)

          • Melinda Craig

            Trayvon wasn’t committing any crime. He RAN, in every version of Zimmerman’s story (that changed with each retelling) he is consistent on the fact that Trayvon RAN and HE chased/followed/continued even after being directed to stand down. His duty as NW was to observe, report and cooperate with LE. HE failed his community and they have paid dearly.

          • dozr

            so assaulting someone, trying to kill someone is no longer a crime? Trayvon tried to beat Zimmerman to death. to “stand down” by who? a telephone operator that has no legal authority to tell you anything?… which he then went back to his car and while he was going back to his car a thug/criminal trayvon martin attacked him.

          • Melinda Craig

            1. He admitted he never tried to return to his car. He admitted he was never jumped from behind or sucker punched. In his walk through with police the next day, video taped and available on you tube, he states they met up face to face, spoke to each other and traded blows.

            2. When he called the police, he was told it wasn’t necessary to continue following/chasing/walking in the same direction he reported he saw Trayvon RUN off in. He was supposed to cooperate with Law Enforcement.

            3. Trayvon died defending his life. “tried to beat him to death” with wounds that didn’t even require a trip to the hospital, stitches or band-aids? Come on now….

          • dozr

            prove it. cite.

          • Melinda Craig

            You tube: ‘The new improved George Zimmerman reenactment vs the world’. It’s HIM in HIS Voice, HIS words, as he walks through the scene with police the next day.

            I’ll check back for your apology.

            (how does one not remember if they were sucker punched being felled by the first blow after having been jumped from behind to this story)

            you tube: George Zimmerman interview with Police.

          • Betsy S

            If Trayvon tried to beat Zimmerman to death, he really did a lousy job, with that tiny scratch on Zimmerman’s head–supposedly “bashed into the sidewalk.”

          • chatty95321

            Where is your proof…it’s just George’s story, and I don’t believe him!!

          • Karlheinz Groeger

            It may not be a crime, but it defies common sense, especially since the police had already been notified that there was suspicious person roaming around! Zimmerman decided to play cop, which he is not qualified to do, something that anyone but an utter fool would realize was not a prudent action. That’s what the police are for! Neighborhood Watch personnel are also specifically told not to engage, but WATCH (get it?)! You’re wrong!

      • Melinda Craig

        Zimmerman now has 5 arrests for violent offenses. Trayvon had no record with the police. We know who the thug is. Trayvon Martin was the one who had the right to stand his ground.

        • dozr

          all trumped up, and dismissed from what i can tell.

          • BrokenTengu99 .

            Zimmerman got off because of his daddy . Wake up .

      • BrokenTengu99 .

        George Zimmerman should have listened to the dispatcher , kept his fat ass in the car , and let the police do what they do . Therefore , he created the situation that led to that boy’s death . Trayvon Martin was ” Standing his Ground ” . Seems like you’re the only one that ” has their eyes closed to the facts ” .

      • chatty95321

        If you believe that statement, you are as evil as George. No one has EVER proved that Tryvon was a thug. He was a typical teenager and didn’t deserve to die. I hope George pays for this, the rest of his life!! He will probably wish he was in jail!

        • dozr

          you are delusional, and stupid. He was a thug plenty of proof out there. look it up

          • KevinFromNYC

            You are a p.o.s. just like zimmerman. taking 3 years of mma classes and he had to kill a 150 pound kid. Zimmerman was a muscular 208 at the time he killed the kid. You don’t care because like all of the p.o.s. racist you are happy that he killed a black kid. Well look at him now. He will get his. He and everyone else knows it.

          • dozr

            because i think some hispanic guy killed a black kid who was a thug in self defense i am now a racist? wake up kevin. it is you who is the racist.

  • Gort1

    Bullet proof vest….ROFL

  • Eady Trice Morgan

    You can escape man’s law. But you can’t escape God’s law. The devil will claim him,

  • MoMo

    Hmmmm…”Everyone feel sorry for me! I did nothing wrong and the world is against me. I collected thousands of dollars from people but I am homeless.”

  • Vicki Connors Hoffman

    I am so sick of this Wannabe in the media. If he isn’t selling $100,000 dollar tracings,(not his,or real art),on Ebay, he is talking about becoming an Attorney. Joke ! He is a man that enjoys,and loves power,attention,although he is a sorry representation of a man, Homeless? I don’t think so.There are some sick-o woman out there that find this Wannabe fatman attractive.They houses him till he goes wacko on them, and then you’ll hear about it on next 911 tape.I have no pity for this man. He needs to leave Florida.

    • sanity1

      No…stay in Florida; it deserves you!

  • Amber

    He’s a piece of work….
    just like Casey Anthony got off he did too both killed a innocent child and deserve to be locked up if not executed.
    Yes Travon had a bad past but was cleaning up his act . There was no humane reasoning on why Zimmerman had to shoot him except for the fact that he is clearly in need of some mental stability.

    • chatty95321

      Actually, Travon did not have a bad past. The kid was going to school and had some missteps, like most teenagers. He certainly wasn’t carrying a gun and looking for trouble. George was the instigator of this situation, and lived to lie about it.

  • Brad Gettel

    read between the lines – he may be homeless but he’s not living in the streets.

  • Sandra Burleson

    In his case, does “PTSD” stand for “Pity This Stupid Dumba**?”

  • Bruce Stone

    at one time i thought he was defending himself but there is no doubt this man has some serious problems. Even if you put this event on the side theres just to much problems he runs into if i was Mr zimmerman i would live the us and live in a white country outside the us
    I am wondering if he is making this statement in case his looses his civil suite.

  • Neville alliman

    Poor BASTARD! I hope he drowns in a cesspool of shit.

  • Patrick Nance

    I feel so sorry for him… NOT!

  • Norris Thomas

    You should have left Trayvon alone as the police dispatcher told you and there would never have been any altercation

    • dozr

      you make it sound like he attacked trayvon, when trayvon was the one that instigated violence.

      • youmustgo

        Zimmerman should never have left his car. He instigated an intent as soon as he decided to take the law into his own hands and try to engage with Martin. This kid did what anyone would do in trying to defend himself.

        • dozr

          he didnt engage martin he followed him so he could let the police know where he went.

          • youmustgo

            He wasn’t doing anything unlawful, so Zimmerman had no business stalking him.

      • chatty95321

        Where you there dozr….no, all you have is George’s version of this, and he is a liar. If you feel so sorry for him, invited him to come and live with you. lol

        • dozr

          Never claimed that GZ is a good person or a nice person, just that from what I saw/heard about the issue, I believe his version of events.

      • Karlheinz Groeger

        Once again, (for the billionth time) Zimmerman had no business exiting his vehicle once the police were notified. He, and he alone, made the decision to play cop, detective, judge, jury and executioner, all within a few very fateful moments, and now he’s paying the piper! He’s had several incidents since he murdered Trayvon; he’s a ticking time bomb, and he brought all this on himself!

        • dozr

          he defended himself from a thug.

  • JohnVHedtke

    Puir baibee. F— him with a chainsaw and a box of rock salt.

  • Cindi Hammer Petrillo

    i have one word for this man KARMA!!!

  • Lisa Koski

    Good…I hope he suffers everyday of his life…the more the better. He is a coward and a murderer.

  • Dorothy Dill

    PTSD my foot….Its called….KARMA

  • robbiecee

    I thought he was just in Miami with his girlfriend!

  • JSutton

    I think Zimmerman deserves to suffer after he took that boy’s life. I don’t believe his story about the confrontation. Keep in mind that Zimmerman is the only witness (who is still alive).

  • Sondra Woodard

    No sympathy! So you are homeless? So is Trayvon! Thanks to you!

    dozr, you need to review the FACTS! This teen did not attack, he tried to get away! He was not a thug, just a teen that was not an angel, but one that made some mistakes that kids make when trying to grow to adulthood!

    GZ was told by Neighborhood Watch group , No weapons, he chose to carry gun. The 911 operator instructed, “No pursuit” This person relays message from police authority. He followed the kid and chased him down anyways! He got off because the case was poorly presented, the State Attorney that was in charge was not a good litigator, and his own attorney wasn’t a whole lot better. Juries must deal with evidence presented. They had little to work with because Z was the only person there. People keep giving this air time, social media time and news coverage are fulfilling Z’s wish for publicity and infamy!. This person is now infamous time is built on an innocents life and blood. Z is not worth it. If he went to jail he would be dead by now, because inmates are pretty smart about stuff like this and they hate people that harm children.

    A child trying to survive because an egotistical individual with a God complex chose (by his own words) to escalate the situation, loses his life and is then blamed for it? Doesn’t even make common sense by any stretch of the imagination.

    Z murdered this teen, got away with it and now wants the world to feel sorry for him because he has PTSD?

    GIVE ME A BREAK! No sympathy not now, not ever. He may have gotten away with it for now, but time will come when he faces HIS MAKER. Where will PTSD get him then? The ultimate judge does not depend on lackluster State Attorneys, OR poorly presented evidence!

  • lauralth

    Cry me a river!

  • Sondra Woodard

    You keep saying he was defending himself. From what? A teen unarmed, walking in the neighborhood, with a soda and some candy. What was he defending himself from, a case of Diabetes? Face it he instigated, he attacked, he did not follow directions, he broke the rules. The kid did not attack him, the kid tried to defend himself and was unsuccessful. George gave the true story in his own words and then changed that story many times to fit the scenario that made him look the best. Even his wife says she has doubts, but tried to be a supportive spouse. BUT she left him when he became abusive. He has several altercations with the law since this incident. Trayvon had teen mischievousness against him, but no crime. He returned to school, tried to learn from his past and was becoming a pretty good citizen. He was in that neighborhood with cause, spending time with his Dad a resident of the neighborhood. George should never been a part of Neighborhood watch, because he was not a stable individual. He truly should not be allowed to carry a gun, and it is obvious that he does not know how to follow directions. Whatever it costs him between now and the end of his life does not even come close to reconciling the deed he committed. No excuse, no sympathy, do not pass go, do not collect the reward, because life and death is not a game! Crying foul after the fact is a cop out!

  • Kurt Gerhardt

    Zimmerman is a lying sociopath who is just beginning to get what he deserves.

  • Tappy Mcwidestance

    I really have no sympathy for GZ. He made his bed. Now he has to sleep in it.