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Kanye West: Racist Media Intolerant Of My Interracial Relationship

Kanye West’s promise to halt his crazy rants in 2014 hasn’t been going so well. After an outrageous second half of 2013 that saw the rapper feud with everyone from Al Sharpton to the head of shoe retailer Zappos, he had promised to stop ranting during a concert last December in Toronto. But less than two months into the year, West slammed TMZ and the other media outlets who criticize his bad behavior during a crazy rant at his show in New Jersey. He declared during the rant that he and fiance Kim Kardashian were subject to racist treatment from the media because many outlets don’t approve of their interracial relationship.

West declared that TMZ intentionally makes him look like “a maniac and an animal” due to his relationship and not because he’s done anything wrong. Of course, TMZ has adamantly denied any racist treatment in their coverage of him. “Funny,” they wrote. “We thought we were ragging on him long before he hooked up with Kim.”

Last month, West reportedly punched an 18-year-old who made racist comments towards him and his fiance. Sources told TMZ that the teenager helped Kardashian get into a medical building when she was being surrounded by photographers, but allegedly started screaming “f*ck these fa**ot ass ni**ers.” When the reality star told him he shouldn’t use the N-word, he reportedly made racist comments and death threats to her. The teenager allegedly said, “F*ck you b*tch. Just trying to help you. Shut up, ni**er lover. Stupid s*ut,” and also told Kardashian that “I will kill you.” He also referred to West as a “ni**er.”

Although West and Kardashian have not commented on the incident, he reportedly made a $250,000 out-of-court settlement with the teenager. A source also claimed that Kardashian is “proud of Kanye” for sticking up for her.

(Photo: Reuters)

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