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KKK Outrage Town By Crashing Black History Month Event

An Arkansas community desperately trying to shed its racist reputation expressed outrage over numerous KKK members crashing a black history event last week. The town of Harrison held the event as a way to try and erase its reputation as a “sundown” town where black people aren’t welcome, but 14 “racial patriots” attended the event and objected to accounts about the destruction of the black community in town. Perhaps unsurprisingly, no black people attended the event in Harrison.

“[We went] to counter the Anti-White agenda of the ‘Community Task Force on Race Relations,’ which held their Black History Month presentation and hosted an NPR Jewess as a speaker,” said Billy Roper, a neo-Nazi and grandson of a Klansman. “We easily had the Antis matched, if not outnumbered. I relished being able to be the first one present to put on my bright yellow ‘Anti-Racist Is A Code Word For Anti-White’ sticker and staring down the anti-White Mayor.”

Mayor Jeff Crockett said the presence of the KKK was not welcome and objected to their account of being the majority at the event. “That’s total BS about being outnumbered,” he said. “There were close to 100 people there and almost everybody had come for the presentation and to commemorate Black History Month.”

Last December, Harrison police arrested Chad Watkins for defacing a sign in the town which said, “Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White.” Watkins had painted over part of the last two words and wrote “Love” on the sign, which an unidentified person called police to report him for. The man is now free after posting $2,500 bond, but could be charged with a misdemeanor crime of vandalism.

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