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‘Apprentice’ Villain Omarosa Running For L.A. School Board

Omarosa is best known for being fired three times on The Apprentice franchise, but she’s now hoping to be hired by the people of L.A. . The controversial reality villain has thrown her name into an election race along with 10 other people for a vacant District 1 seat on the Los Angeles Unified District school board. The seat was opened up due to the death last year of Marguerite LaMotte. If Omarosa wins after her election run, she will finish Lamotte’s term of another year.

The reality star felt she was more than qualified for the position given her lifelong work with disadvantaged youth. “I’m surprised by the reaction that I’ve received,” said Omarosa to Yahoo. “My life’s work didn’t start when I walked into Donald Trump’s boardroom. I have been working and advocating long before I ever got on television. To me, that’s important for people to know. It’s time for me to break out of that ‘Apprentice’ persona and do something meaningful to help people.”

Although she competed last year on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, Omarosa has been focusing more on her ministry these days. She is now the full-time assistant pastor at a church in Los Angeles and continues to work with special needs students. She also teaches courses at Howard University in Washington, D.C. But it’s her time on The Apprentice that makes Omarosa believe she is particularly suited for the position.

“Because it’s a special election, the person who wins has to hit the ground running. There’s no time to train, for explanations, or anything,” she said. “I think America has seen me in the boardroom, in high-pressure situations. I’ve been in a pressure cooker and I had 28 million eyeballs on me while I was doing it.”

(Photo: Reuters)

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