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GOP Candidate Calls State Republican Assembly ‘Bunch Of Damn Bigots’

The first order of business for a GOP candidate in Georgia was to call out the blatant racism he saw in the Georgia Republican Assembly (GRA). Derrick Grayson is hoping to represent Georgia in the U.S. Senate, but is taking a slightly less conventional approach to winning Republican votes by calling the GRA “a bunch of damn bigots” and “racists.”In a recent YouTube video, he also accused the organization of intentionally leaving him off a recent straw pole.

In the video, Grayson said his being left off the poll was done intentionally and showed the blatant issues of racism among the Republican party. “I’m coming and they can’t stop me whether they like it or not,” he declared. “How can you call for a national mandate to be more inclusive, yet you’ve got these organizations running around under the mantle of the Republican Party, the GOP, and they engage in such nonsense? No wonder many black folk don’t want to have a damn thing to do with you.”

Grayson said he wouldn’t accept an apology from the GRA because he didn’t want one. Instead, he vowed to use the incident to motivate his own campaign more. “Now I know who they are and what they are. I can deal with the enemy I can see, and that is that,” he said. I don’t give a damn if you didn’t put my name on the poll. It does not make me matter less.”

A spokesman for the GRA has denied intentionally leaving Grayson off the straw poll or that the organizations conducts itself in a racist manner. “We are a separate organization from the Georgia Republican Party,” they wrote in a statement on their Facebook page. “The GRA is a separate grassroots organization with a diverse membership that edifies principled Republican participation by all.”

(Photo: Grayson2014.com)

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