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Texas Tea Party Candidate Calls Latinos ‘Wetbacks’ In Racist Interview

A Tea Party candidate from Texas has come under fire for referring to Latinos as “wetbacks” and claiming that using the racist slur is “as normal as breathing air in South Texas.” Republican Chris Mapp made the shockingly racist comments during his current campaign to unseat Sen. John Cornyn, but his comments have been slammed by both Democrats and Republicans.

Mapp made the “wetback” comment during an interview with the Dallas Morning News, in which also referred to Barack Obama as a “socialist son of a b*tch” and declared that “ranchers should be allowed to shoot on sight anyone illegally crossing the border on to their land.” Some politicians on both sides are now calling for him to resign.

“That is way out of bounds and I can’t imagine many people in Texas, much less Texas Republicans, voting for that guy,” said Bexar County Republican Party chair Robert Stovall. “His views are in no way a reflection of the Republican Party nationally, statewide or in Bexar County.”

Mapp has since claimed that his words were taken out of context by the paper. He also attacked his detractors in a lengthy Facebook rant. “I really don’t need to be your candidate for U.S. Senate and put up with all this,” he wrote last Sunday. “Hours and hours of prep, and days away from the things I care about for what? Abuse and ridicule.”

(Photo: Eric Nicholson)

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  • edmond

    Why do white people think they own the world…

    • Melinda Craig

      Please don’t judge us all by the actions of a few hillbillies. Most of us are kind decent people, as are most people of all ethnicity’s/race/color

      • FalconTypo


        • Economic_Refugee

          You are the Grammar Hammer.

      • tiedtotheair2

        Melinda Criag most Black, Latino, non-white people know that the racist extremists in this country are in the minority. Just about every Black person has someone that has married into their family that is White or vice versa. Multi-racials are the fastest growing segment in society today. However that small minority of extremists who feel threatened by all the progressive changes the country is experiencing, do have a very loud voice in politics and the way they are now desperately fighting against, civil rights, voting rights, women rights, immigration, education and assistance for the poor, disabled and elderly, the new gun laws, stand your ground and privatized prisons that now hold a record of minority men, is very real very ominous, even down right alarming. They started this fight subtlety, even before President Obama was elected. But now the have become more open and bolder in desperate fight for the old ways. They have managed with propaganda and down right lies, to paint the president in such a bad light that even some of his supporters are being brain-washed. These people (the ones that Edmond referred to as thinking they owned the world) mistakenly believe that the disenfranchised will sleep through their attempts to take away our rights. And I admit that quite a few of us are still sleeping. So they continue to poke and poke at this sleeping tiger. But just what do they think will happen when this tiger finally awakens? They want to take this country back to the pre-civil rights era. The Jim Crow era. Well… that’s not going to happen. They are sorely mistaken if they think that. So without further ado, I will say this with absolute conviction: Unless true and real equality for all Americans is the full direction of this country…The future does not bode well… 🙁

    • kg

      You mean rich people! I’m European American (white) and I don’t think any different of anyone who spends every day of their lives struggling to keep their head above water. It’s they billionaires who want to own the world, always has been this way and I don’t believe it will ever change!

  • Carol Dale

    Well what down in you will come out, better than after he is elected! I amazed that they don’t have better sense down here in Texas than to be on record with all this racist rants.

  • FalconTypo

    The right has racists well into 2014? Shocker.

  • Clyde01

    If he has those views about Mexicans, you know how he feels about blacks.

  • Truthforme

    It is normal for certain souls like him to be racist(in his mind) and to refer to fellow Americans of different heritages with racial slurs, maybe he thinks it makes him better!

  • James Baranski

    What does he think about Pollocks?