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Texas Tea Party Candidate Calls Latinos ‘Wetbacks’ In Racist Interview

A Tea Party candidate from Texas has come under fire for referring to Latinos as “wetbacks” and claiming that using the racist slur is “as normal as breathing air in South Texas.” Republican Chris Mapp made the shockingly racist comments during his current campaign to unseat Sen. John Cornyn, but his comments have been slammed by both Democrats and Republicans.

Mapp made the “wetback” comment during an interview with the Dallas Morning News, in which also referred to Barack Obama as a “socialist son of a b*tch” and declared that “ranchers should be allowed to shoot on sight anyone illegally crossing the border on to their land.” Some politicians on both sides are now calling for him to resign.

“That is way out of bounds and I can’t imagine many people in Texas, much less Texas Republicans, voting for that guy,” said Bexar County Republican Party chair Robert Stovall. “His views are in no way a reflection of the Republican Party nationally, statewide or in Bexar County.”

Mapp has since claimed that his words were taken out of context by the paper. He also attacked his detractors in a lengthy Facebook rant. “I really don’t need to be your candidate for U.S. Senate and put up with all this,” he wrote last Sunday. “Hours and hours of prep, and days away from the things I care about for what? Abuse and ridicule.”

(Photo: Eric Nicholson)

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