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VIDEO: Pastor Says Obama Sending ‘White Homo Demons’ To Steal Black Men Away

Sometimes pastors could use a little healing themselves. A so-called NYC birther pastor posted an outrageous YouTube video this week that accused Barack Obama of plotting to have “white homo demons” lure black men away from dating black women. Atlah World Missionary Church Rev. James David Manning has even gone so far as to place this sign outside of his church: “Obama has released the homo demons on the black man. Look out black woman. A white homo may take your man.”

In the video, Manning said that black women simply couldn’t compete with the cultured ways of the “homosexual demon” and ultimately had the most to lose as a result. “He’s usually got money. A white homo usually has an American Express card, he usually has an opportunity at the theater. Homos love the theater,” ranted Manning. They love to go out to dinner, parties. They love that kind of a thing. And as a black woman, you can’t compete!”

But somehow, Manning has concluded that gay white men stealing away black men is Obama’s fault. He cited the “outings” of NBA star Jason Collins and college football player Michael Sam as perfect examples of this. “Obama is influencing the few black men that are left to come out of the closet — or be homosexual — and they are being scooped up by white homos,” he said. “It leaves the black woman in more dire straits and with less of a choice of a man to come and be her husband, and father her children.”

(Photo: YouTube)

This isn’t the only outrageous accusation that Manning has made against the president. He previously alleged that Obama regularly traded gay sex for cocaine during his teenage years.

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