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Kim Kardashian Becomes Victim Of Racist Blackface Prank

Kim Kardashian expressed outrage after a racist man showed up in blackface and pretended to be Kanye West during her recent appearance at the Vienna Ball in Austria. Kardashian was at the event after being paid $500,000 to be the date of Austrian businessman Richard Lugner, but was visibly horrified by the shocking blackface moment. Kardashian and West have both been the target of several racist incidents so far in 2014.

Sources told TMZ that while Kardashian posed for photos with Lugner, a man showed up in blackface and stood next to her. She walked away, but the man followed her and asked her to dance if the orchestra played “Ni**ers in Vienna.” Although Kardashian managed to escape, she was forced to stay another 90 minutes in order to fulfill her contractual obligation to Lugner.

The reality star wasn’t exactly thrilled with him either, though. Kardashian told her management that Lugner was aggressive, repeatedly asked her to remove her security and attempted to be alone with her. Meanwhile, he gave an interview to Austrian outlets that trashed Kardashian as “annoying.”

Ironically, the blackface moment comes just one month after West threatened to leave the U.S. because of racism. After he punched an 18-year-old in the face who called him the N-word and Kardashian a “ni**er lover,” sources told Hollywood Life that West reasoned “we’ve got enough money to buy our own island or some sh*t. I’ll be damned if I raise my daughter around ignorance and flat-out blatant racism.” Since his physical altercation with the teenager, West reportedly settled with him out of court for $250,000.

(Photo: Reuters)

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