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VIDEO: Cops Beat Up And Arrest Innocent Man Before Falsely Accusing Him Of Assault

Police in the New Jersey town of Bloomfield have come under fire after outrageous dashboard camera footage showed them beating an innocent African-American man and then charging him with resisting arrest. Marcus Jeter, 30, faced five years in prison after prosecutors charged with him resisting arrest and assaulting an officer. But the camera footage showed that Jeter wasn’t even close to resisting and it was actually the officers who assaulted him, in addition to smashing his car with their own vehicle.

Dashboard cameras showed police pointing a gun directly to Jeter’s head after pulling him over on the highway. They claimed that he was eluding arrest even though the man promptly pulled over his vehicle to the side of the road. Jeter later told reporters that he was “afraid I would get shot.” But the most shocking part of the evening came when a second squad car arrived on the scene and smashed his vehicle directly into Jeter’s.

Of course, their report completely omitted the car crash and all of their aggressive actions, placing the blame squarely on Jeter. It was only when news reporters uncovered the dashboard footage and turned it over to prosecutors that his name was cleared. Not only did Jeter have all the charges dropped against him, but the officers are now facing several charges of their own including tampering with evidence, assault and misconduct. Bloomfield Mayor Michael Venetia also slammed the officers for covering up their actions. But one of the officers involved, Orlando Trinidad, said that he feared for his life because he was unsure whether Jeter had a gun.

It’s unclear whether Jeter will pursue legal action against the city of Bloomfield and the police department, but a lawsuit looks likely. But for now, Jeter is simply grateful for the footage being uncovered because he;d likely be in jail without it. He said that “I’m sure if this happened to me, it could happen to a bunch of other people.”

(Photo: WABC)

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