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Neighborhood Fuming Over Man Hanging Noose, KKK Flag In Front Yard

A Florida neighborhood is outraged over a KKK member hanging a Klan flag in their front yard, in addition a noose and a “Members Wanted” sign for the racist organization. The man who only identified himself as K. Hayes is being accused by West Boca Raton residents of trying to influence kids in the neighborhood by having conversations about the Klan and handing out literature. But Hayes, who says he is a recruiter for the KKK, said he has no plans to stop displaying the flag or noose.

“It’s my patriotic duty. [Neighbors] said nothing to my face and they’re entitled to free speech as well as I am,” he told local reporters. “We don’t go around committing hate crimes. We don’t beat up on faggots or black people or burn crosses or any of that nonsense.”

Hayes said he has been a member of the Klan for years because he is truly concerned about “preserving” the white race. “The white families are producing less children because the father and mother work and you have interracial marriages and gay marriages, so there are less and less white children being born every day,” he said. “So we’re against that. Nobody stops the Puerto Ricans from flying their Puerto Rican flag or the Jews from having their yarmulke or whatever it is in the holidays.”

Neighbors have contacted local police and code enforcement officials about the flag, but were informed that residents can fly whatever flag they want in their front yard.

(Photo: YouTube)

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