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George Zimmerman’s Parents Suing Roseanne Barr Over ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ Tweet

It isn’t just George Zimmerman who is desperately seeking attention and headlines — his parents are getting in on the action as well! Gladys and Robert Zimmerman have filed a $15,000 lawsuit against sitcom actress Roseanne Barr, citing emotional distress and invasion of privacy. Their lawsuit stems from Barr tweeting out their home address in March 2012, believing it was George’s residence.

The lawsuit claims that George lived at their address at one point, but he moved out in 2006 and was long gone by the time Barr tweeted it out to her 110,000 followers. Media outlets picked up the tweet and Gladys and Robert claim they were “forced to flee their home” after mobs descended upon the house. Barr acknowledged that the address was incorrect and called her actions “inexcusable,” but also thinks the lawsuit is frivolous. “It’s sad that I did apologize & attempt to contact them until hundreds of threats/doxes by their fans,” she tweeted.

Florida couple Elaine and David McClain previously settled out of court with Spike Lee in 2012, after the director retweeted their address thinking it was George’s. Lee also personally apologized to the couple, but they sued again last November after claiming they still received death threats throughout the trial and after George’s acquittal due to the tweet.

Meanwhile, Zimmerman attempted to extend his 15 minutes by receiving money to sign autographs and pose for pictures at a gun show in Orlando, FL. However, less than 20 people approached Zimmerman during his appearance and his booth was mainly empty.

(Photo: Reuters)

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