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Seditionist Cliven Bundy Encouraged Towards Violence By Fox’s Hannity?

In the days since the end of Cliven Bundy’s standoff with the Bureau of Land Management, he has become something of a right-wing celebrity, appearing “exclusively” at the top Hannity’s Fox News program for two nights in a row. In fact, according to Mediaite.com, Hannity seemed to be egging Bundy on towards more (possibly violent) conflict with the government.

Hannity kept pushing the issue of a supposed “midnight raid” by the BLM on the Bundy compound. The source of this rumor was the same genius whose big plan was to put all the women up front and march them all to their deaths like a poor-man’s Jim Jones. Eventually Bundy took the bait implying that anyone other than the Clark County Sherriff tried to arrest him, there would be violence.

Also being mentioned with this story is a seemingly nefarious plot by Nevada Senator Harry Reid, his son Rory, and a Chinese energy company called ENN to “grab” Bundy’s land, all for their own profit. An article “reporting” this story on Investors.com, even suggests that Reid is helping to advance a United Nations agenda “that advocates pushing humans out of rural areas and into densely packed urban zones….”

This is all, of course, purse nonsense. Even such liberal propaganda machines as Breitbart.com and Alex Jones’s InfoWars have debunked this story. While it is true that Rory Reid was involved in a possible project with ENN, the project was cancelled in June of 2013. Even if it hadn’t been, the actual site is more than 20 miles away from Bundy’s land.

No instead what we have here is a temper tantrum thrown by a genuine American loon who says he only follows Nevada laws and doesn’t even recognize the existence of the federal government. Ironically, as noted by The Atlantic, the Nevada law explicitly requires its citizens’ allegiance to it. All those adding fuel to Bundy’s fire are supporting a legitimate seditionist in his attempts to violate the law on a greedy whim.


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