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“Baby Truther” Steve Malzberg Alleges Chelsea Clinton Pregnancy Staged for 2016

Not everyone responded to the news that Chelsea Clinton was pregnant with some version of the standard “Aw, that’s nice.” Conservative radio host Steve Malzberg reported on the announcement to his listeners, but chose to advance the theory that this pregnancy is being staged to advance Hillary Clinton’s chances to claim the White House.

First a disclaimer, pretty much anyone who is talking about the 2016 election right now is a political hack, if only for that moment. It’s actually an election year, but because even punditry is entertainment, there’s little focus on all but the absolute freak shows. So in order to fill the time and ratchet the frenzy up to the max—on either side—all eyes are on Hillary.

According to Mediaite.com the cuddly Malzberg said he does believe the Chelsea Clinton is, in fact, pregnant. “I don’t mean they are making up she’s pregnant. But what great timing!” he exclaimed. “And God answered Hillary Clinton’s prayers and she’s going to have the prop of being a new grandma while she runs for president.”

Yes, everyone knows the best time to gain ground in a Presidential campaign is more than two full years before the election, except of course the last time Hillary was a “sure thing” for the Democratic nomination. Perhaps it’s part of an extended plan so that there’s a toddler grandchild on the stage and another in the belly at the time of the 2016 Democratic Convention.

Still, if anything, (Hack Alert) this type of nonsense only helps a future Clinton campaign. As the GOP struggles to find its identity (something it has been known to do during midterm years) such vicious and silly rumors will only galvanize the base around Clinton. (End Hack Alert.) If the trend continues where GOP primary elections actually force out viable general election candidates, it almost doesn’t matter who ends up with the nod in 2016.

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