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Oklahoma Militia Rallies to Cliven Bundy’s Side in BLM Standoff

Self-admitted seditionist Cliven Bundy is still at odds with the federal government over their attempts to collect on the over $1 million he owes in back grazing fees. With the anti-government flames being fanned by the conservative media, even more people are rallying to Bundy’s greedy and illegal cause.

A group identifying themselves as the Oklahoma Militia has now aligned themselves with Bundy because they see it as the first “battle” in what could be a larger “war.” According to KFOR in Oklahoma, the group has “nearly 50,000 volunteers” some of which deployed to Bundy’s Nevada ranch.

Scott Shaw, a spokesman for the militia, told KFOR that their members were “ready to take up arms against the federal government, if needed.” He expressed fears that the government may try to do something like this in Oklahoma, seemingly ignorant of the fact that this is a very specific case involving one individual’s choice to refuse to pay grazing fees.

Throughout all eras of American History, we’ve never not been a nation divided by politics. In fact, one could argue, that was always the point of the American experiment: to create a union amongst people who all saw the world very differently. Supporters of Cliven Bundy suggest that his standoff with the federal government is an exercise in basic American freedom. It’s not.

Instead Bundy is a man who doesn’t recognize that the federal government even exists. While Bundy may wish to simply skirt paying what he owes to the feds, many others see this as a chance at violent and bloody revolution with a government they feel is illegitimate. That they would be turning their weapons on fellow Americans acting within the framework of established law is quickly dismissed, if even considered at all.

Also, it has created a lose-lose scenario for the federal government. They either face being seen as an impotent agency that citizens can simply disobey with no consequences or exert their federal authority and very likely someone will end up dead.

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  • diablodejalisco

    where you find religious nuts you will find fake patriotic nuts. and oklahoma is full of them.

  • diablodejalisco

    send a drone in and take them all out. they are terrorists and traitors to this country.

  • Jim Spillane

    And, I hope it is the lawbreaking mormons, and weekend warriors with their AR-15 popguns that end up dead. Just quoting the story!

    • Joshua M. Patton

      Jim, thanks for reading and commenting. While I can’t seem to find the quote you are referencing, I do get the sense that you are displeased with my take on the issue. Take a look at my latest on this story and share your thoughts! Thanks and keep reading IssueHawk.com!

      Joshua M. Patton
      @JoshuaMPatton on Twitter

      • Jim Spillane

        I can’t find a direct quote of yours. Probably a summation on my part. Good new post today, Joshua.

    • Guest

      Jim Spillane: No, that is not a quote of the story. If so, please provide that statement in quotes from the story.

  • Cat Lover

    Freeze his assets, all of them. Cut off his credit cards. How is Bundy and his family going to live without money? Take his cattle (I know he has a lot of them) and move them elsewhere–Then he won’t need grazing land. Federal Government doesn’t need guns to handle this. If anyone else did what Bundy did–(not pay their taxes or their grazing fees), they would have kicked off the land a long time ago and put in prison. Bundy has and is breaking the law. All he has to do is to pay the back fees he owes the government and start paying fees now. He is a moocher.