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Cliven Bundy Supporters Can’t Wait for War With the Government

In the continuing drama unfolding in Nevada and aired out on Fox News, people tied to the Bundy ranch—although not necessarily Bundy himself—continuously make threats against federal officers that are often brushed aside or glazed over.

Case in point, Bill O’Reilly gave Oklahoma Militia spokesman and co-founder Scott Shaw some airtime on his show Tuesday. While not seeming fanning the flames of an actual shootout with the government like some of his colleagues, O’Reilly instead adopted a more avuncular tone. When he said that he believed it was “wrong” to use rhetoric that drives towards conflict, Shaw responded by saying, “we’re only a nation of laws when it suits our federal overlords.”

O’Reilly, still apparently trying to be “the voice of reason” in this whole thing, asked Shaw (almost pleading with him) that he wouldn’t encourage violent confrontation. “No, I wouldn’t provoke a confrontation, but I would definitely defend myself if, you know, the federal government came and took up arms against me….” O’Reilly quickly brushed that idea aside, saying it wasn’t going to happen.

Although, here’s the thing Bill, it is absolutely going to happen. Law enforcement officers are armed and so any future confrontation is going to (at least) involved weapons being drawn. Police from the federal level to the local are increasingly militarized and all-too-quick to escalate to using deadly force. There are dozens of reports each month of cases where police get things very, very wrong. Yet, in this case, law enforcement officials are behaving more than appropriately.

Recently uncovered records show that Bundy’s family has only owned the ranch since 1948, not for over a century as Bundy claimed. Yet, he’s already surrounded himself with militia members who can’t wait to send some rounds downrange at federal officers. The Oklahoma Militia Facebook Page is full of photos and comments from people that seem resigned to the fact that they are going to have to kill all of the “stupid” people one day.

To clarify, they have the right to say that and much worse. However, with the confluence of circumstances in Nevada, they may finally have the opportunity to start the “revolution” they are so (blood)thirsty for.

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