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Alan Grayson Accuses Wife of Bigamy, Reveals His Critics Are Right About Him

When Florida Democratic Representative Alan Grayson appeared on the national political scene in 2009 during the early days of the healthcare debate, it was on the back of a political stunt on the floor of Congress. He claimed that the GOP healthcare plan was “Don’t get sick” or “Die quickly.”

The response to this sharply divided those who found themselves suddenly on the left after being caught up in the almost dream-like 2008 Obama campaign. The partisans thought Grayson’s penchant for hyperbole and willingness to offend was where the GOP had been shellacking Dems for some time. Others thought that dumbing down the arguments only fueled the “they’re all the same” arguments that fuel disinterest in their voting base.

While I personally don’t find the personal relationship details—extramarital or otherwise—of politicians to be relevant, many suggest that it’s all “fair game” because it is indicative of said politician’s character. If this is the case—which it may or may not be—then let’s see what Grayson’s handling of his divorce says about his character.

Grayson’s wife of 24 years, Lolita, filed for divorce in January. However, in March allegations of domestic abuse rose from both sides. Lolita filed injunctions saying she was “restrained” by the Congressman and he disputed those claims, saying anything he ever might have done was done in self-defense.

A silent video was shown by Grayson’s attorney to the media. Grayson was apparently “picking up a bag of mail” when Lolita seemingly arrived at the house, yelling and pushing her estranged husband. The attorney said this happened before and even points to a moment where he says Grayson took “an uppercut” from his wife.

There may be something to this “character” thing after all. Grayson is known for spectacle and pushing people’s buttons. Since the video had no audio, there was no way to know what Grayson was saying to his wife. Also, rather than having his mail delivered to him some other way, he chose to incite the incident by going in person (with a camera in tow).

In papers filed last week, Grayson is now claiming that his wife and he were never truly married. According to WKMG in Florida, Grayson alleges that in 1990 his wife was still technically married to another man. She apparently divorced him “secretly” in 1994. This, of course, doesn’t change the fact that this woman is still the mother of his five children, four of whom are minors.

Grayson’s love of spectacle and ruthlessness to make his point known seems to extend into his private life. Whether it’s a GOP policy or the mother of his children, Grayson seems willing to do whatever it takes to win, no matter how it makes him look.


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  • Cathryn Sykes

    Wow, Grayson is show NOT clobbering his wife and that’s “proof” that he’s a jerk. Your statement that he should have had his mail picked up by someone else certainly implies that she was either vicious, violent or both….Yep, it was all his fault that SHE got violent. Weak, “Hawk”….really, really weak. Pitifully weak.

    • Joshua M. Patton

      Cathryn, thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! Perhaps I missed the mark, but the point was why release the video to the media at all? Because there was no audio, it’s only his word against hers. This is a matter better kept private, but Grayson loves a spectacle. As a single-parent myself, I believe it is also important to always do what hurts your kids the least. Please keep reading Issue Hawk!

      • garry lafferty

        She not helping kids she left

  • garry lafferty

    His wife is clearly a bitch she probable screwing some one else that’s why she left and money

    • Dutra

      Grayson better get a gag order on that she-beast. You can be assured that she has some career enhancing stories to tell. Then again, she is probably an evil conservative.

  • Dutra

    I hope his next wife is a transgendered MMA expert.