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Gawker Accuses Fox News of Demoting Shepard Smith Because He is Gay

Gawker continues its relentless push to force Shepard Smith of Fox News into publicly commenting about his sexuality, with a new “report” that he was “demoted” from his prime-time show because he wanted to come out as gay. Relying on solely anonymous sources and not including official comment from the network—until POLITICO ran a story that they called it 100% false—the article is one of a series the gossip site has published about Shepard Smith’s sexuality.

In a series of articles beginning in October 2013, writer JK Trotter has published lengthy articles detailing the personal life of easily the most respectable anchor on the Fox News network. While the first article appeared as simply a tale of Smith being rude to an NYC waitress, successive articles have been simply about exposing two men’s personal lives to a national audience. Yet, even back in October, the only question people seem to come away with is “who cares?”

In the late 1990s, there was a determined push for homosexual public figures “in the closet” to come out. At the time it made perfect sense. America then was still very homophobic, in the literal sense of the word: the public-at-large was afraid of homosexuals, because very little was understood about their lifestyle.

In just 20 years, a massive cultural shift has taken place. While not universally “accepted,” homosexuality is seen as—at the very least—normal. While Fox News is certainly the loudest mouthpiece for anti-gay views, the question again becomes “who cares?” Does Trotter think he is advocating for the allegedly unwillingly-closeted Smith? Does he think Smith is a hypocrite for living his life as an allegedly-gay man while working for Fox? How is any of this even our business?

Perhaps Smith is being coerced into keeping secrets he might not want to, although one would think that after 18 years and many contract negotiations, he could have made his exit by now. Smith could easily find another gig somewhere, although he’d take a significant portion of what little journalistic credibility Fox News has with him.

What seems more likely is that while a cable news “celebrity,” Smith has always described himself as a newsman and perhaps (foolishly) thought his personal life could remain personal. Perhaps Smith simply doesn’t think that his off-camera life—what he drinks and whomever he loves—is anyone’s business.

What is clear, however, is that Gawker is practically cyber-bullying the Fox News anchor in a tawdry and almost homophobic—in the modern sense of the word—way.

Photo via Fox News

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Joshua M. Patton is a father, veteran, and writer living in Pittsburgh, PA. Along with news and current events, he writes about parenting, art, and personal stories. His serial fiction story "The Prophet Hustle" is available at JukePop.com and a forthcoming independent ebook about the cam-modeling industry "Dirty Little Windows" will be available later this summer.

  • glogrrl

    Isn’t it amazing that the only newscaster on Faux Noise with any brains and integrity is Shepard Smith? Makes sense that they would demote him.

    • Did you read what Shep Smith has to say about this? He’s pretty pissed that people like you are lying about him. Get the facts, don’t be told what to believe.

      • glogrrl

        I really don’t care about “the facts”. Do you mean he’s gay? He’s not gay? Doesn’t matter to me. The fact that he is the only intelligent form of life on Faux Noise is all that matters. They should be promoting him, not demoting him. And, I make it a policy NOT to watch Faux Noise. And, BTW, your reading comprehension sucks. I in no way denigrated him…..he is a hero to me to have the cojones to work for and to try to improve a company that is truly evil.

        • I believe my reading comprehension is deep enough, but not quite so shallow to understand what you are saying. You “don’t care about the facts” and you admit you don’t watch Fox news. So how do you know he deserves a promotion? How do you know he is “the only intelligent form of life” if you don’t watch? Does he deserve a promotion simply because he is gay? If that is the case, and if I were him, I would prefer to receive a promotion based on my outstanding performance than on my private sexual intercourse preferences. You accuse Fox News of being “evil”. What evidence do you have that Fox News is evil? And, why would Shep Smith be a “hero” to you if he is supposedly so stupid or evil himself to be employed by Fox? You raise a lot more questions by your response than any reasonable answers.

          • glogrrl

            Let me see….perhaps you are not aware that there are these things called “clips” that are lifted from broadcasts and shown on other stations so people do not have to waste their time watching a station that demonizes the POTUS and disrespectes him every day and has had a court of law tell them their “reporters” can be compelled to lie. And Shep is a hero to me because he tells the truth on a station whose M.O. is to insult our duly elected president (twice) and question his legality. And Shep maintains his dignity while doing so. And, in response to these sterling qualities, Faux purports to demote him. I do not know his sexual preference, nor do I care. If he deserves promotion, it is because he is an excellent newsman. Now, you can get down off your high horse and go back to your normal outrage and conspiracy default mode.

        • Sharon

          Here is the problem with the libtards. I quote, “I really don’t care about “the facts.” FACTS really mean nothing to most you people! So another way to explain your side, liars.

          • glogrrl

            Apparently you missed the “quotes”…that means I question the veracity of said facts. Faux Noise watchers (and most of their “news people”) rarely let facts get in the way of how they want to see the world.

          • Sharon

            The ‘FACT’ that you believe he is the only intelligent person on Fox News tells me not to converse with you any further. You don’t have the emotional aptitude to say an intelligent thought. Good Bye Sheeple.

          • glogrrl

            The “fact” that I don’t watch Faux Noise precludes me from being a sheeple. Have a nice day.;)

          • Flava Futha Muckin J

            Fact, you’re an idiot!

          • kirsten zielinski

            dear sharon.. do you really not know that using the word ‘retard’ is offensive? and do not hide behind the ‘i said libtard’ because everyone knows what you mean. of course being a moron right wing nut job (see..insults no one except the ones i mean to insult…not an innocent bystander) you probably are too stupid to understand this.

          • Ascended

            how can you breath with your head so far up your Butt

  • kgolfinghawaii

    What is truly amazing is that the idiot that wrote this article thinks Fox News is the ones not telling the truth. What a bunch of garbage from the left wing. I personally could careless about his personal life as most people on the right don’t care a whit about something that doesn’t concern us. As for the idiot that wrote the article try looking at “real news” channels and tell me how they are reporting anything that is truly news. They ignore everything except when they do a “gotcha” article on another R or conservative. Drop off the planet would you.

    • Joshua M. Patton

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. Unfortunately, I am stuck on this planet for the foreseeable future. Although, I am wondering if maybe you shouldn’t give the article another read. I think Mr. Smith is perhaps the best, most trustworthy anchor at Fox and that none of this is any of our business. Still, thanks for commenting and please keep reading IssueHawk!

  • Do people really enjoy being lied to? Shep Smith has come out against this hit peace for what it is. I can’t understand why people prefer the lie over reality.