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Glenn Beck Getting “Violent” E-mails After Announcing His Plan to Send Food, Toys to Migrant Children

The thousands of undocumented immigrant children caught up in this most recent immigration crisis have found an unlikely ally: Glenn Beck. In a video from The Blaze, Beck talks about how while the politics of the situation are important, they are not nearly as important as being compassionate to children who “through no fault of their own…are caught in a political crossfire.”

Beck plans to go to the border on July 19, bringing with him, according to Mediaite.com, “tractor-trailers full of food, water, teddy bears, and soccer balls.” He will be joined by religious leaders and two Congressmen who could stand a lesson or two in compassion, Reps. Mike Lee of Utah and Louie Gohmert of Texas. He then said this decision has cost him money (vis-à-vis subscriptions/donations) and garnered “violent” hate mail from his audience.

Beck’s attitude on immigration is much different than is currently espoused on conservative media. “The best way to secure our borders and to make America a safe place,” he says, “is to make it accessible to all those fleeing poverty, oppression, and violence. Anybody in search of a better life.” He mocked those (like Sarah Palin) who claim that this is solely the President’s fault (or part of a secret agenda).

Glenn Beck is a kind of conservative media enigma. When on Fox News, his show was a nonstop barrage of conspiracy, dubious (at best) history, and chalkboard drawings of ridiculousness. However, he also does some very compassionate things. He and author Timothy Ballard have started a group called Our Underground Railroad, which purports to rescue children out of sex slavery.

Yet recently, Beck has changed his approach if not his entire message into one suggesting unity, compromise, and coming together. Beck wrote on his website the he believes America is “a nation at, in or very civil war.” And while many may be eager for this war – like Cliven Bundy’s most fervent supporters – Beck seems genuinely concerned and eager to stop it from happening.

While the idea of “war” might seem a bit dramatic – and regardless of what you think of him, Beck certainly has a flair for the dramatic – he is right that the drastic division in the country is dangerous. It may not be war, but politically-inspired violence is certainly a possibility. And for all of Beck’s past fire and brimstone about the left, one has to respect anyone who calls for compromise and unity.

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