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Sarah Palin Compares America to a “Battered Wife” in Column Urging Impeachment

Sarah Palin just won’t go away. The woman who (arguably) single-handedly sunk John McCain’s Straight Talk Express has taken to Breitbart.com to call for the impeachment of the President she – from a certain point-of-view – helped to elect. “It’s time to impeach,” she writes, and says that anyone opposing such an action is ignoring the plight “of American workers and legal immigrants of all backgrounds.”

This unbelievable ninny doesn’t explicit list the President’s impeachable offenses, choosing instead to vaguely refer to his “lawlessness,” makes her op-ed the same sort of tripe America should expect from the country’s most famous half-term Governor. Ironically, she chastises the President for not doing “the job he was hired by voters to do,” especially considering she abandoned the job Alaskan voters hired her to do (although, let’s be honest, she probably did them a favor).

Appearing on Hannity to further discuss her impeachment claim, she still provided no specific “high crimes or misdemeanors” committed by the President, leaving host Hannity to grasp at various stories and scandals surround the embattled White House. Palin also said that lying to the American people is “an impeachable offense” saying that The President “has allowed fraud, his subordinates and himself to fraud[sic] the American people….”

That anyone takes anything Sarah Palin says seriously is laughable. This is the woman, after all, who thought that Malaysia Flight 370 “accidentally flew too high and got stuck in heaven.” Yes, the godless liberal media wouldn’t report on that possibility (although, to be fair, it was pretty much the only theory they didn’t report), leaving only a “rogue” like Palin to wonder how easy it is to get stuck in heaven.

She said on Hannity – a rambling, nonsensical appearance – that Speaker of the House John Boehner’s lawsuit was a lack of “cojones” and that impeaching the President would not be a partisan activity.

Ironically, she is right (only the way that stopped clocks typically are) that the President has made some broad and bold moves through executive action. However, what neither she nor any of the President’s critics suggest is “calling him on his bluff” and starting voting on the myriad bills House Republicans are routinely ignoring.

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