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Darryl Issa and the GOP’s Obsession with Campaign Money

One of the ways fiction often tells a more complete story than nonfiction is that the author defines with certainty (at least he or she should) the motivations behind characters’ decisions. In the best stories, these motivations are complex and conflicting, filled with nuance providing deeper insight into the character, the fictional world, and our own realities. Rarely do we ever have such clarity of insight into the political characters who guide our lives.

One such character is Darrell Issa, a Republican representative from California who is also the chair of the House Oversight Committee. While he is running for reelection, he is almost certainly going to be reelected, unless his challenger – Democrat Dave Peiser – is able to make one hell of an argument.

Rep. Issa has “squandered” his time as the chair of the House Oversight Committee, according to Ralph Nader who spoke to The Washington Times. For many conservatives – especially those tuned into the media-driven scandals surrounding Benghazi, the IRS, and others – Issa is their fiercest warrior. The Washington Post reported that Issa has issued “a massive number” of subpoenas to top Obama Administration officials.

With migrant children literally piling up on the border, almost the entire Middle East in crisis, and a Congress that has become so much stagnant water, the person in charge of oversight still wants to quibble about the facts of the Benghazi case or try to deny that the governing arms of political parties are not completely intertwined with campaign arms of those same parties.

If this were fiction, perhaps we’d be privy to some information that Rep. Issa is not sharing with us that fuels his current crusades and allows him to ignore other, more valuable causes. Maybe he’s being misled? Maybe he’s planning on running for the Senate? Maybe he’s right and somehow the entire country is being misled in a plot that would be almost too difficult to construct even in fiction.

While the middle class struggles to deal with rising costs of living and immutable wages and opportunity, Issa and the House Oversight Committee think their time is best spent making sure the IRS didn’t interrupt the flow of anonymous cash flooding into Republicans’ war chests or pursuing useless inquiry that keeps that money flowing.


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