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Rep. Louie Gohmert Says Democrats Refuse to “Defend Women” from “Hundreds of Thousands” of Illegal Alien Rapists

There are two rules one must adhere to when courting and keeping the vote of the crazy-wing of the Republican party. The first is that America is the greatest, regardless of the circumstance and the second is that “the enemy” does not come from anywhere but the opposition party. So Gohmert decided to double-down on all of that on the floor of the House Tuesday, according to Breitbart.com, responding to Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent remarks about American exceptionalism. Gohmert went on to suggest that the states should declare war on a “mass invasion” of “criminal aliens.”

Gohmert extolled the virtue of the idyllic America of the past, one which “fought, has lost the lives of our military, has spent tremendous amounts of treasure, not to create an empire, but simply to bring liberty and freedom.” However Gohmert warned that under the stewardship of the Obama administration the country is “weaker and far-less exceptional.”

It seems that along with Democrats – who apparently have a terrible plan to allow immigrants into the country without documents so they can get their votes(?) – the enemy Gohmert most worries about is the undocumented immigrant. “Our continued existence is at risk with what’s going on at the southern border,” he said according to RawStory.com.

Gohmert claims that slightly fewer than 3000 and more than 7,500 sexual assaults have been committed by undocumented immigrants in the past six years, “that we know of.” Gohmert says, “We know people are coming by the hundreds of thousands illegally and this administration wants to talk about other people having a war on women when they will not defend the women that are being sexually assaulted….”

According to data posted by the American Immigration Council – which is current up to 2010 – it shows that immigrants are five times less likely to be incarcerated. “This holds true,” they write, “especially for Mexicans, Salvadorans, and Guatemalans who make up the bulk of the undocumented population.”

Issue Hawk reached out to Rep. Gohmert’s office to determine the source of his statistics, but we have not yet received a response.

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