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American Family Association Admits Defeat, Wishes Homosexuals Would Go “Back Into the Closet”

Whenever someone says a curse word on network TV or if a new show happens to promote a “nontraditional” lifestyle, the news media can often frame a faux culture-war debate by ringing up the American Family Association for comment. For example, when Archie Comics shocked the world by announcing an issue featuring a gay marriage (the shock was that there are still Archie comics being published, by the way), AFA subsidiary One Million Moms was one of the only groups to protest.

The group is now promoting an article, originally published in 2013, that suggests that while the homosexual agenda’s acceptance across the country is bad, it’s not the only thing that God is mad at America for, apparently. In an article from Director of Research and News Editor Ed Vitagliano has published what is most likely the most pro-gay thing on their site.

“Many evangelicals…” he writes, “look for a villain to blame for America’s moral woes and often turn their eyes to the homosexual.” He goes on to say that homosexuality was not the only reason God destroyed the city of Sodom, the city that became the word for any sex act other than heterosexual vaginal intercourse.

The article Vitagliano links to, of which he is the author, cautions its readers that homosexuality (after about 1200 words extolling the evils of it) is not America’s only mortal sin. “If the problem were only homosexuality,” he wrote, “then the simple act of pushing it back into the closet (if that were possible) would be enough to forestall judgment.” There’s also “idolatry” and “abortion” to worry about.

While promoting an article that calls for homosexuals to go “back into the closet” is, of course, ridiculous and offensive, it also amounts to the clearest concession message in this particular culture battle we’re likely to get. According to The Daily Beast, there have been 29 “consecutive judicial decisions in the past year” that ruled marriage bans unconstitutional. Anti-gay marriage laws just don’t survive the scrutiny of the courts.

For groups like the AFA – meaning they draw their funding and political power from these nonsense, nebbish culture issues – the strategy has to change if they, unlike the marriage bans they support, want to survive.

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