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Alex Jones Expects to be Blamed for Future Terrorist Attack

Conservative talk radio is still very big business, but it is not one large umbrella under which all who practice the “art” falls under. Sure, you have your Hannitys and O’Reillys, who used their talk radio show to further incense their base and to ensure the viewers tune into their Fox Shows. You have Rush Limbaugh, who tries to be a permanent outlier who only dips his toes into the water of “mainstream” media appearances. Then there’s Alex Jones.

I first heard of Jones from the Opie and Anthony Show. He would call into the program and the hosts would indulge his crackpot theories and ultimately make fun of him. Yet, he’s no joke. He is the king of the “False Flag” accusation, suggesting that mass shootings and even the Boston terror bombing were staged by the government in order to facilitate the abolition of the Second Amendment and Americans’ eventual enslavement by “globalists.”

In his latest video, according to RightWingWatch.org, Jones has echoed his sentiments that “Obama has already set the stage” for him and his “Patriots” to be falsely accused of a forthcoming terror attack, “such as ‘a nuke going off in Manhattan.’” He also claims he’s worried about being silenced, and suggests that he, Rush Limbaugh, and Michael Moore are all on the same team…when it comes to freedom of speech.

While this should be adorable like a five-year-old carrying a briefcase and pretended to go to work with Mom or Dad, it sadly isn’t. One of the slogans for Jones’s InfoWars channel is “taking resistance to the next level.” However, the Las Vegas shooting in June was perpetrated by at least one of Jones’s fans, according to RawStory.com.

Conspiracy theorists like Jones practice a unique brand of American exceptionalism. The realities of sudden violence, such as a mass shooting or even the attacks on 9/11, are so terrifying, that they must concoct a story about how it was part of a massive conspiracy within the government, which is ultimately less scary. They have a bad guy they can fight and no one could do this to America but America itself.


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