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Fox Host: If ISIS Wants a Holy War, Give Them One

Eric Bolling is a Fox News host, most often seen on The Five, and portrays himself as a hard-nosed common-sense talkin’ take-no-guff freedom-lovin’ sonofabitch. Simply put, he’s the voice of the average conservative who follows his gut. He loves America, but hates the people responsible for it. And on Saturday, he advocated for giving terrorists exactly what they want: a holy war.

According to Mediaite.com, Bolling closed the cartoonishly-named Cashin’ In with a monologue about radical Islam. He showed a video of what was supposedly an ISIS fighter calling for “the flag of Allah” – which Bolling misquoted as Mohammed – and railed against the persecution of Christians in Iraq and Egypt. He closed by saying, “You want a holy war? We’ll give you one.” He even added a not-so-sly jab about “72 Virgins” and his producer came into frame to give him a fist bump at the end. Yet, despite Bolling’s surely religious patriotic intentions, he just advocated for every Islamic extremist’s greatest wish.

If a “Christian” army descended in the Middle East, a kind of Crusade 2.0, not only would moderate, terrified Muslims unite with their oppressors to defend against the infidels, but the split Islamic community might set aside their differences in the face of this greater enemy.

That this would never actually happen – and not even because Jesus Christ is perhaps history’s most famous pacifist – is irrelevant, because to extremists the U.S. military is already the Great Satan. To them it already is a holy war.

This is why America and Israel should perhaps rely on their military less in these instances. As any Iraq or Afghan vet can tell you, this war is not one of achievable military objectives against a clear chain of command. It’s a battle for hearts and minds that gets more impossible to win with every dead civilian.

Conservatives like Bolling often suggest that the tactics of the terrorist are beneath a civilized people. Yet, perhaps the true hallmark of civilization is the ability to sow peace not further violence. The U.S. and its allies are never going to defeat radical Islam, only moderate Muslims can do that.


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