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Hillary Clinton Calls President’s Syria Policy a “Failure”

In an interview in The Atlantic, Hillary Clinton – who currently holds no public office nor has she officially declared her intention to seek one – gave an in-depth interview in which she used “her sharpest language yet” to criticize the President’s Syrian policy. The President’s former Secretary of State makes the claim that by not bolstering rebels in Syria, that he essentially allowed ISIS to become as strong as it has.

Throughout the interview, Clinton seems to indirectly criticize both Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama himself, especially with respect to Israel, Syria, and (what the author sees as) the President being “loath to talk discuss the threat of Islamist terrorism in such a sweeping manner.” Mrs. Clinton, it seems, is doing her best to distance herself from an unpopular President, but one she served for years. It’s a delicate political balancing act, one in which Clinton feels as if she is better off on the side of the President’s critics with nary a care about undermining his (or Sec. Kerry’s) agendas.

Thus, this interview represents the ultimate problem with an eventual Clinton candidacy for President. Much of what Clinton says about arming Syrians sounds all-too-like her justifications for voting for war in Iraq while in the Senate. While it is entirely possible that arming the Free Syrian Army may have better equipped them to fight the rise of ISIS, it is just as likely that those weapons and resources would have fallen into ISIS hands like those we left behind in Iraq. It’s this Monday-morning-quarterback quality that makes this clear that her statements are political.

However, Clinton does offer some very interesting insight into the Morsi regime. She calls him “naïve,” but in the best possible way. She suggests that Morsi believed “that with the legitimacy of an elected Islamist government, that the jihadists would see that there was a different route to power and influence….” She adds, “The debate is between the bin Ladens of the world and the Muslim Brotherhood,” and that had Morsi taken her advice he might still be in power.

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