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Conservative Columnist Compares Ferguson “Rioters” to KKK

The situation in Ferguson, Missouri, where (mostly black) citizens are engaging in daily protests and are met with violent police action, including tear gas and sonic weapons, leaves people with many questions. While there have been some instances of looting, the majority of the protesting has been peaceful and the police presence has been significant and overbearing. However, a conservative columnist for WorldNetDaily thinks it’s all a cover for a larger plan to destroy black people.

Saying that the protesters are “making blacks allergic to civilized behavior,” Mychal Massie compares them to the most famous hate group in the country. “Suppose the Ku Klux Klan went on a murderous rampage,” he writes, “burning and destroying cities every time blacks murdered, raped, or viciously assaulted an innocent white person.” He goes on to suggest that like the KKK these protesters “should be held financially responsible for the damage they inflict.” Of course, these people are not wealthy, whereas the white membership of the KKK often were. Yet , this is not even the most lunatic thing that he says.

Massie goes on to deride the President for not instituting martial law – which everyone knows that conservatives love when the Federal government does – but suggests that not doing so serves his larger purpose: the destruction of the black race in America. You see, according to Massie, whenever “blacks aren’t killing one another they are being murdered by abortionists.” He says that because of abortions and black-on-black crime “the black population in America has been decreased by well over 25 percent,” even though it, of course, hasn’t.

The protests in Ferguson have been given a lot of media attention, with vivid images of police dressed for war and unarmed citizens surrounded by billowing clouds of tear gas. The press’ movements are being limited or they face arrest. One has to wonder if Massie would be singing this law-and-order tune were he there and on the business end of some zip cuffs?

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