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Okay, Enough Complaining About Presidential Vacations Already…

The world always appears to be in turmoil, but one could make a hell of case that it really is these last few weeks. Indeterminate war rages across the Middle East from Iraq to Israel, a small town in suburban America became the flashpoint for a civil rights spectacle, and the quiet battle for Crimea unfolds. Yet, it is also August, traditionally the time when Americans who afford such basic luxuries take their summer vacations, leaving the responsibilities and woes of work behind for a time.

That is, of course, unless you are the President. While the Obama family has spent time in Martha’s Vineyard, the President has addressed the nation a number of times about these matters. Yet, his short conferences – often in a shirt and coat sans tie, one almost expects him to be wearing cargo shorts and flip flops behind the podium and out of the view of the cameras – have seemed only to feed the narrative of his opponents who suggest that taking a vacation at this time indicates the President is either incredibly apathetic or alarmingly inept.

This is simply petulant nonsense. First, as noted by The Washington Post and others, President Obama has only taken off about 150 of the past 2406 days. President Reagan took more than twice that amount of time off during his two terms and President George W. Bush has taken the most vacation days of any of them at 879 days.

The Post points to what Nancy Reagan said, “Presidents don’t get vacations – they just get a change of scenery.” What she meant was that even though the President is technically taking down time, he travels with enough staff and resources to effectively run the country.

However, they also get some time to relax and reflect which ultimately proves to be good for the country. As noted by The Nation and others, time off increases productivity and people’s effectiveness in their jobs. Many Presidents, such as FDR or Lincoln, have returned from their vacations with policy initiatives that have ultimately helped the country.

In fact, rather than criticizing the President, Congress, and the Court from taking summer vacations, we should demand that all Americans get that same opportunity.

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