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End Times Broadcaster Ending Show Because America is Doomed, Echoes Deeper Conservative Rhetorical Trend

Given the sheer volume of media out in the world, people have very short attention spans when it comes to political news. This is not to suggest that we’re becoming dumber (although, maybe we are?) but that there simply isn’t the time to give these stories any kind of reasoned or nuanced thought, before we have to be off to the next thing. Thus, it is very easy to categorize folks by political labels that seemingly describe the sum total of their ideology.

So while it is ultimately both disingenuous and exclusionary to speak about political types in sweeping terms, their messages are ultimately defined by the rhetoric from the loudest (not necessarily the best) voices. Thus there is an element on the right that, while professing to love and care deeply about America, has a deep-seated disdain for the American people.

For example, Ted Nugent recently released “Rules” for dealing with police that recommends an awful lot of submission from someone who so profoundly loves his freedom. Rather than demanding the police meet a higher standard, he essentially asks who can blame them for misconduct when people won’t just do what they say whenever they say it. When they deal with “the good people” things always work out, according Uncle Ted.

However, nowhere is this attitude best summed up by Rick Wiles, according to Right Wing Watch an “End Times broadcaster,” is ending his program Trunews* because America is doomed. Wiles claims “the American public is living in an alternate state of reality” and thus doesn’t “need any more news or information.”

His justification is the fact that President Obama is a “communist traitor in the White House who is openly helping jihadists” and has “defiled the U.S. military with sodomy.” Of course, Communists and religious extremists couldn’t be more ideologically opposed and jihadists are not huge fans homosexuality, but don’t let the incongruity bother you. In fact, Wiles has the answer for that.

Since nothing can stop “the storm that is coming,” Wiles is ending his news program, but starting a BRAND NEW program that will provide “the spiritual food” people will need to get through this Communist illegal immigrant homosexual jihad apocalypse that is just around the corner. Wiles calls himself a “prophetic watchman” who has been told to descend from “the wall**” to “take shelter” because “the storm is upon us.”

Yes, one could argue this is just a crap broadcaster who is trying to creatively find a way to change format from political talk with a tinge of God to God talk with a tinge of politics. However, it speaks to the appeal that the idea of giving up on the country has with these particular ideologues.

If they begin seeing their fellow Americans as not misguided or wrong but as the enemy, Wiles’s lunatic prophecy could be self-fulfilling.


*Perhaps as Orwellian a title I’ve ever heard.

**Is Rick Wiles a down-low Game of Thrones fan?


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