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Fox Host Asks What ISIS Has to Do to Cause “Outrage” on the Left

The rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is, though not unforeseen, has been alarming because of their ability to secure land unimpeded, deep reserves of looted cash and abandoned military machinery, and the zeal with which they are recruiting international followers. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel called them “beyond anything that we’ve seen” which has led many on the right to speculate that ISIS presents a clear and present danger to the United States that is being ignored by the left.

Subbing for Bill O’Reilly, Greg Gutfeld asked resident Fox liberal Alan Colmes, according to Mediaite.com, “what does ISIS have to do to warrant an outraged response from liberals?” Gutfeld said that those on the left “have a hard time identifying existential evil,” before joking, “unless it’s a Republican or a stay-at-home mom?” He also accused that President Obama, who recently said that the strategy to deal with ISIS is not fully-formed, is planning “to wait until it gets really bad, and then do something.”

While ISIS is a savage and terrible threat, not just to the Middle East but the larger global community, rational sense suggests that going in guns-blazing would only make the problem worse, because it arguably created the problem in the first place with the American ouster of the secular government of Iraq under Saddam Hussein.

With eyes on Syria, one hopes that the White House employs the same strategy that it used for Iraq. American help against the terrorist threat by way of air support is contingent on a replacing the governmental factors – al Malaki in Iraq and Assad in Syria – that led to the group’s uprising.

While there is no denying ISIS’s intent to carry out attacks outside of the Middle East, intelligence and law enforcement agencies are better suited to deal with those threats, quietly and from the shadows, than a military force in Iraq and/or Syria.

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