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Radical Imam Makes Media Rounds, Blaming America for ISIS Atrocities

A Muslim cleric from London named Anjam Choudary has been making the rounds on cable news, seemingly only because he has the gall to not openly condemn the more violent acts of terror groups like ISIS. He was, according to Mediaite.com, a guest on Hannity and proceeded to dodge Hannity’s questions – which, even for him, were reasonable – to instead say that American foreign policy is responsible for terror killings like the death of James Foley.

His appearances, like with Hannity, typically devolve into ridiculous shouting contests, because Choudary is too duplicitous to give straight answers to the more troubling questions involving Sharia law, which he believes not only should be, but will be, the law across the globe in generations to come. He dodges commenting on specific acts of violence done in the name of Allah and is able to describe his religious values as admirably as any evangelical.

So when he sat down for a serious interview with CNN’s Reliable Sources even the typically sensible and measured Brian Stelter found himself shouting in disbelief over Choudary’s answers. Rather than asking if the imam agreed with the violence used by ISIS – a question he can artfully parry into a discussion about Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, and the use of drones – Stelter asked how he would justify the killing of journalists, like James Foley, who are trying to tell the story.

Choudary said that he believed that journalists from “western” outlets are seen as simply the propaganda arm of the military and President Obama. Stelter was incredulous, but he soldiered through the interview trying to get as plain an answer from the imam as one is likely to get.

At the end of the interview, Stelter’s disgust was palpable, he asked the imam why during the sound check, rather than count down from ten, he inserted the dates: 9/11, 7/7, 3/11. The imam told him to get a sense of humor and then said, “it makes you look more shallow than me.”

Stelter ended the interview with a curt, “I have nothing more to say,” before thanking his guest and then saying, “What a world we live in.” What a world, indeed.

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