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Republican “Feminist” Says Modern Feminism Taking Women Back to “Caveman Caves”

To some people, there is a murky gray area between positive female sexual expression and female sexual exploitation, especially in art. Pop starlets like Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj are either taking ownership of their art as expressions of themselves as sexual beings or are being forced to slut-it-up in order to sell records, concert tickets, or whatever. At least, if you ask Anne Marie Murrell, a woman who wants to start the “feminine-ist movement.”

To Murrell, it’s shameful. “When the left accuses Republican women of pushing the feminist movement back to the 1950s,” she writes, “I offer that feminists of 2014 are dragging women back into the caveman caves*”

Murrell argues, quite creatively, focusing on pop stars and the like that modern feminism likes to reduce a woman to “focusing on her vagina” and that anyone not “directing attention to everything from the neck down, [she is] a problem.” So, cue the “feminine-ist” movement where Murrell hopes women “who care about [their] families and homes” will unite “to fight for our country and our beliefs” and, if “a man compliments us, we will smile and say ‘thank you’ instead of threatening to sue them for sexual harassment.”

So essentially the “feminine-ist” movement is just the tired old anti-feminist complaints recycled in a stupid-sounding name. There is nothing wrong with talking about sexual exploitation versus empowered sexual expression – although to do so without bringing up the artist’s own agency means the discussion isn’t even trying to be serious – but folks like Murrell are just dressing up “slut-shaming” in some brand new prairie clothes.


*While technically that is grammatically correct, I nonetheless had to resist the compulsion to add a [sic] to that sentence.


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