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Fox News Trashes Obama’s “Understanding” of Muslims, Based on False Claims They Made About Him During the 2008 Election

As the crisis in the Middle East unfolds, there is quite a bit of fair criticism one could aim at the Obama Administration about their foreign policy. However on Fox and Friends, Elizabeth Hasselbeck wondered aloud about another innovative way that the rise of ISIS is President Obama’s fault.

According to Mediaite.com, Hasselbeck said that “the president alluded to the fact that he thought it would change the world once he was inaugurated, that he would be able to understand Muslims and therefore crimes like this would not occur and the world would be safer because he had understanding.” She said that strategy, like the President, is “not a good one.”

Candidate Obama once told New Hampshire NPR that he had a unique understanding of Muslims in 2007. However, as his campaign went on that bit of narrative was soon dropped in favor of more traditional foreign policy flair, especially during the general election. So the notion that this president could relate to Muslims more than others remained in the ether thanks to Fox News.

Well, more accurately it began with an online post that Fox News elevated to national attention claiming that young Barack Obama studied in a “madrassa” and was himself Muslim. Candidate Obama nor the campaign defended such ridiculous allegations, but it was used as a straw man argument by pundits like Ann Coulter.

A 2008 The New York Times editorial points out that because Barack Obama was baptized a Christian he is an “apostate” under Muslim law. It also says that because of the same set of laws that those on Fox so often decry, the president is indeed a Muslim because his father was one. That he willingly became a Christian is “is the worst of all crimes that a Muslim can commit, worse than murder (which the victim’s family may choose to forgive).” The punishment for this crime is execution under extreme versions of the law.

Sadly, with religious criminals like ISIS, there is rarely any middle ground (like with Saudi Arabia) or room for negotiation (like with Iran). The solution to the problems created by radical Islam will not come from an American president, but from the Muslim community itself. At least, that is all one can hope.


UPDATE: This post was updated after initially saying candidate Obama never spoke about his time in Indonesia in relation to how he’d govern the country. One could effectively argue that in the early days of primary campaigns, that’s when you get a candidate at his most honest or most desperate. Given the way that the Obama Administration has rarely hesitated to use force, specifically drones, in Arab countries it is hard to see how (if true) this understanding was ever a part of White House policy.

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