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Phil Robertson Thinks Members of ISIS Need to Be Converted or Killed

One of the most egregious ongoing crimes committed by ISIS in the Middle East is neither the beheadings of journalists nor even the imposition of Sharia Law as the law-of-the-land, but the claims that ISIS is making non-believers convert to Islam under penalty of death. The inalienable right to believe what one wants to believe and express it freely is core not only to American identity but should be the standard of the world.

So why is it that those who claim to be “the most American” among us, are often those who tend to ignore that ideal in favor of their repurposing of it to fit a particular (i.e. Christian) demographic? On Hannity’s program on Fox News, the permanently indignant host decided to discuss ISIS with no less an American luminary than the Duck Dynasty guy.

Phil Robertson – whose last bout with infamy came from comments he made about homosexuals in an interview with GQ – appeared on the Hannity program armed with his bible (and “his woman” apparently). When Hannity asked Robertson if ISIS didn’t represent “evil,” the bearded patriarch responded with a slew of quotes from the Bible, including (about ISIS) “All who hate me, love death,” according to Mediaite.com Of course, this discounts the fact that the “God of the Bible” and “Allah” are the same god and if ISIS likes anything it’s God.

Hannity then asked Robertson what “the answer” might be (as if he’d have figured out the greatest foreign policy problem of our time while setting up duck blinds or vamping for A&E cameras), because for Hannity the only answer seems to be going back to war.

So someone who loves Jesus Christ as much as Robertson would surely disagree with that since Jesus is perhaps the most famous pacifist in all of history, right? Nope. Robertson says, with a somber tone, that we must “convert them or kill them.” He admits that converting them to Christianity would “next to impossible” but he “hasn’t given up on them yet.”

So Phil Robertson, a down-home God-fearin’ American businessman, believes that the only way to deal with ISIS is to do exactly what ISIS has done. The point made evident here is that while ISIS is particularly savage in the way they wage war (or, more accurately, the way they “keep the peace”), for religious zealots of all stripes this is very much a “holy war.”

While we cannot remotely equivocate the actions, body counts, and human rights violations of radical Islam and fervent Christians, this shows a clear alignment of world view. Put another way, they both believe God made the Earth, but she didn’t make it big enough for the both of them.

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