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The Blaze Reports That NY Police Will Confiscate Guns Without Talking to Police

While Glenn Beck has had a “change of heart” regarding his much-maligned but also much-watched television show on Fox News, he still is trying to run a conservative news organization and that means feeding the beast every now and then. In this case, this means doing some firsthand reporting on a story about an issue near-and-dear to readers hearts: Guns.

The Blaze story focuses on the owner of a gun shop in Albion, New York who claims he was “forced” to give 165 customer records to police. The records were for AR-15s that have special magazines that one can only remove with a special tool. However, after the SAFE Act was passed in New York, many of these guns were banned. Those who had them before the bill was law are required to register them with Albany.

While The Blaze did not get comment from the police, they did feel free to run with the rampant speculation of an understandably leery owner. “I have a lot of customers concerned,” store owner Jim Palumbo said, “that the cops are going to come kick their doors down or conduct warrantless searches…it’s something I’m worried about….” Of course, at least with respect to guns, that is not typically how it works.

Still legal gun owners have gotten a very raw deal in New York. The laws passed in the wake of the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut were reactionary and only serve to inconvenience those who try to stay within the bounds of the law. Still, while confiscation is probably not on the horizon owners who failed to comply with the new law will likely be fined.

While the door-to-door confiscation bit seems to be just fearful speculation on the part of the store owner, one expects the NY State Police would not want to put themselves at the center of news story about taking citizens’ AR-15s when so much recent attention has been focused on the militarization of police.

If they do, it will be a banner fundraising year for the NRA.

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