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Fox Guest Host: If Ray Rice Punched a Gay Man He’d Be “Punished More.”

Imus in the Morning producer and frequent Fox News guest Bernie McGuirk sat in on Fox’s Outnumbered show – a talkshow featuring four women and a male guest host, yet still the title focuses on the guy over the ladies – and offered his opinion on the Ray Rice situation.

The (then-)Baltimore Ravens running back was seen in a video released yesterday punching his then-girlfriend (now wife) out-cold in an elevator in Atlantic City. The Ravens terminated his contract and Rice was suspended from the NFL indefinitely.

Yet, McGuirk was aghast at the NFL and gays and, well it wasn’t really clear, but he was certainly aghast.

It’s unclear if McGuirk has a problem with so much attention being given to hate crimes against homosexuals or just that (in his mind) they are given more priority than violence against women. The problem with his analogy – that if Ray Rice had punched a gay man he’d be charged with a hate crime and banned from the NFL – is that what describes would be a hate crime, unless Rice was in a relationship with said homosexual man and then it would still be domestic abuse.

However, he is right about one thing: the NFL didn’t seem to care much for Janay Palmer before this latest video was released. She was forced to endure a press conference, with her husband and attacker sitting right next to her, wherein she took some responsibility for those events. Today she released a statement defending Ray Rice and blaming the media for blowing things out of proportion for “ratings.”

Of course, it’s never the victim’s fault in cases of domestic violence. Yet, with Janay Palmer’s defense of her husband today, many are now criticizing her. In fact, this has spawned a hashtag: #WhyIStayed, started by domestic abuse survivor Beverly Gooden.


H/T: Mediaite.com

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