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Conservative Radio Host Warns of Rise of ‘Mother-Daughter’ Couples Based on Internet Hoax

There has been any number of warnings about what the rise of LGBTQ rights will bring to America: men and women marrying animals, the cessation of human reproduction, and, now, a “scourge” of mother-daughter couples. At least this is according to American Family Association radio host Sandy Rios, as noted by Right Wing Watch.

Rios was speaking to “ex-gay activist” Christopher Doyle and she read him a story about a supposed “mother-daughter couple named Vertasha and Mary Carter.” Of course, this story is fake because no traces of Vertasha or Mary Carter exist on the internet before the story was posted. Also, the image used in the story came from a 2012 blog post about mother’s day (albeit flipped), according to Snopes.com.

Of course, this is just the kind of story that folks like Rios and the poor, deluded Doyle want to be true, in order to help support their narrative of fear and/or hate. “The fight against this movement…it’s like a powerful force of immorality that threatens to overtake us,” Rios said, barely able to get the words out because of her disgust.

Still Rios is no stranger to nonsense and perhaps she knowingly reported this false story, just because she knew that responsible media would have to point out how obviously fake the story is.

Rios has claimed in the past that women are “brainwashed” by gender studies which causes the true victims, of course men, to continue to be persecuted. She also said that racial anger from black Americans is what makes white people racist. Although our favorite here at Issue Hawk was her claim from July that transgendered FBI agents will be coming to arrest Christians.

In a way, one almost has to hope that she’s just a carnival barker, a sideshow personality spouting off these nutty theories in an effort to get any headlines she can and to keep her audience of terrified, Bible-obsessed ninnies. Because if she actually believes this stuff, the prevailing emotion has to be pity, can you imagine living life so afraid of your (gay?) shadow that headlines too nonsensical even for The Onion ring immediately true?



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