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Leading GOP Candidate in NC Wouldn’t Mind War With Mexico

There is an interesting discord amongst starkly conservative and very Christian political candidates. While Jesus Christ is perhaps the most famous pacifist of all time, why do so many of those who claim to follow his teachings so blatantly ignore his anti-violence message? The latest example is Mark Walker, a Republican candidate for the House of Representatives in North Carolina, who loves Jesus and doesn’t think “starting up a little war with Mexico” is that bad of an idea.

He spoke at “a GOP runoff forum in June hosted by a Tea Party group,” according to Mediaite.com, and addressed the “open border” problem, around which a narrative has arisen that a squad of ISIS commandos are coming into America like a jihad Expendables to bring the fight to America. Of course, one of the most dangerous things about ISIS is that since they have a large international membership, Americans should be more worried about ISIS fighters getting on a plane rather than slinking across the Rio Grande.

Mark Walker said that his first step would be to “utilize the National Guard as much as we can,” either unaware or uncaring that a representative from North Carolina’s sixth district has very little say in how the Guard in the border states are utilized. He also said, “if you have foreigners who were sneaking in with drug cartels, to me, that is a national threat and if we’ve got to go laser or blitz somebody with a couple of fighter jets for a little while to make our point, I don’t have a problem with that either.”

Someone off-camera asked if he had “any qualms” about going to war “a little” with Mexico. Laughing at the idea of going to war with our closest (and brownest) neighbors Walker smiled – just as surely Jesus would have done – and said, “Well we did it before, if we need to do it again, I don’t have a qualm about it.”

The latest polling data available has Walker leading his Democratic challenger by more than 20 points.

See the video via YouTube below.

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