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America’s Religious War: Who Really Are The Enemies?

What do we know about ISIL? Simply put, the answer is not all that much. We know they are wealthy and we know that they are vicious. Yet, when it comes to things like the beheading videos, the only source is the SITE Intelligence group.

Author Naomi Wolf, often called the leader of “third-wave feminism,” discussed what little we actually know in a series of Facebook posts, she since deleted. However below are screenshots.

Wolf Screenshot1


Wolf Screenshot 2

Wolf Screenshot


Wolf removed the post, she says in a post embedded below, because of a request from an NYT reporter that said that there has been a “news blackout” involving stories involving ISIL hostages, but that doesn’t address the video-sourcing problem. So, while we examine the issue abroad this week at Issue Hawk, we will also be doing what we can do address these concerns as well.


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