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Vandals Destroy 100 Headstones at Jewish Cemetery

Vandals have destroyed more than 100 headstones at a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis, leading police to believe that the act is directly tied to anti-Semitism. Disgusted to hear about the senseless act of desecration at the cemetery in University … Read More

Poll: Trump Begins Presidency with 36 Percent Approval Rating

President Trump has a 36% approval rating for the first five days of his term. The Hill reports: President Trump is beginning his term with a 36 percent approval rating over his first five days in office, according to a … Read More

Democrats Vow to Fight ‘Tooth and Nail’ Against Medicare Cuts

Democratic leaders vowed on Wednesday to fight “tooth and nail” against the GOP’s push to change Medicare so that it would rely more on private insurers. “I say to my Republican colleagues: Turn back because we will fight you on … Read More

Pentagon Suppressed Study That Revealed $125B in Waste: Report

The Department of Defense suppressed one of its own reports that revealed over $125 billion in waste. The Hill reports: The newspaper found that the study, commissioned by Deputy Defense Secretary Robert O. Work, was hidden because of fears Congress … Read More

Ryan Won’t Defend Trump

House Speaker Paul Ryan turned on Donald Trump on Monday, rescinding his endorsement of the billionaire. The Hill reports: Ryan told his GOP colleagues they need to deal with Trump in a way that ensures that they win their own … Read More

Ex-Bush Official Backs Clinton for President

Former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff who served under President George W. Bush, endorsed Hillary Clinton on Monday. The Hill reports: Chertoff’s support for Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, is notable not only because of his work for President George … Read More

Colin Powell Calls Trump ‘National Disgrace’ in June Email

Colin Powell called Donald Trump a “national disgrace” in a June email that leaked earlier this week. The Hill reports: In an email sent June 17 to Emily Miller, a journalist and former aide to Powell, the retired four-star general … Read More

Chelsea Handler: Trump Is ‘Everything That’s Wrong in the World’

Chelsea Handler tore into Donald Trump over the weekend, calling him “everything that is wrong in the world.” “It’s kind of great to have a person like that represent everything that’s wrong in the world,” she said at the Variety … Read More

‘Guccifer’ Hacker Sentenced to 52 Months in Prison

Known hacker Guccifer, also known as Marcel Lehel Lazar, has been found guilty of hacking websites and email accounts of various politicians and celebrities, including Hillary Clinton. The Hill reports: Marcel Lehel Lazar, the hacker better known as “Guccifer,” was sentenced in … Read More

Strom Thurmond Once Hit on Teenage Chelsea Clinton: Report

Infamous Dixiecrat Strom Thurmond allegedly hit on Chelsea Clinton when she was underage, according to Tom DeLay (R-Texas), a Former House Majority Whip. The Hill reports: Chelsea Clinton allegedly once had to endure advances from the late former Sen. Strom … Read More