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Sanders Surrogate Blasts Warren: ‘You Don’t Get Brownie Points From Me’

Former Ohio State Senator and militant Sanders supporter Nina Turner had some harsh words for progressive hero Senator Elizabeth Warren after the latter endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. “It’s easy for Democrats to attack Mr. Trump,” Turner told Steele and … Read More

Mark Cuban Questions If Trump Is Really a Billionaire

Mark Cuban questioned whether Donald Trump was even a billionaire to begin with on Wednesday. The Hill reports: Cuban said the presumptive GOP presidential nominee is good at putting his name on big buildings in an interview on WABC’s “The … Read More

Trump Predicts Refugees Will Plan next 9/11

Donald Trump went full racist on Sunday when he suggested that a refugee would cause the next 9/11. The Hill reports: Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump said it would take another 9/11 to wake up border security — and … Read More

Trump Says His Favorite Bible Teaching Is An ‘Eye For An Eye’

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared on an A.M. radio Christian talk show where he was asked about his favorite Bible verse. “Well, I think many,” Trump said, adding “I mean, when we get into the Bible, I think many, … Read More

GOP Chair: ‘The Party Is Choosing A Nominee’

The head of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, is desperately trying to paint the 2016 primary cycle as something other than a circus. “This is a nomination for the Republican Party,” he said to WTMJ Radio. “If you don’t … Read More

David Duke Encourages Listeners to Vote for Trump

Donald Trump has an unlikely supporter in former KKK wizard David Duke. While Duke hasn’t officially endorsed Trump, he called on voters to volunteer and vote for him in order to respect their heritage. He said voting for Ted Cruz … Read More

Listen to Ben Carson’s New Rap Ad Aimed at African-American Voters

Are you looking for a pick-me-up as the weekend approaches? Ben Carson released a new rap song that will appear on various radio stations throughout the United States. The $150,000 radio ad buy, called Freedom, will air for two weeks in Atlanta, Detroit, … Read More

Mike Huckabee Says He Doesn’t Want “Stupid” People to Vote

Mike Huckabee likes to stir the political pot. His struggle to gain traction as a legitimate Republican candidate is directly tied to his right leaning Republican values. Huckabee is in desperate need of votes, but he made it clear that he doesn’t … Read More

Mike Huckabee Thinks Dred Scott ‘Is Still the Law of the Land’ Despite 14th Amendment

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee showed that a Constitutional scholar he isn’t – claiming that Dred Scott was still “the law of the land” despite the 14th Amendment, which overturned the ill-fate Supreme Court decision. Speaking with radio host Michael … Read More

Conservative Radio Host: ‘Homosexual Gaystapo’ Will Murder Christians Like Kim Davis in ‘Reign of Terror’

End Times radio host Rick Wiles lost his mind after the Kentucky clerk Kim Davis was taken into custody for contempt of court and ranted that her imprisonment is only the beginning of the “homosexual gaystpo’s reign of terror.” “Kim … Read More