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Trump’s Official Inauguration Poster Has Glaring Typo

A glaring typo was found in President Trump’s inauguration poster thanks to the efforts of one social media user. No joke: Purchasable copy of Trump's Inauguration Print, direct from the Library of Congress site. A 5th grader would've spotted this … Read More

Woman Yells ‘F— Trump’ on CNN

A CNN broadcast turned hilarious on Sunday after a stranger yelled “f*ck Trump” as she walked by. So this just happened live on @CNN "Fuck Trump!" The Hill reports: As CNN reporter Jim Acosta spoke about race-related accusations between the … Read More

Colbert Hijacks GOP Convention Stage to Mock Trump

Stephen Colbert stormed the stage at the RNC on Sunday, poking fun at Donald Trump and Mike Pence before being escorted off the stage. The Hill reports: Donning a blue wig as the dystopian young adult novel’s own talk show … Read More

Trump-Pence Campaign Unveils New Logo

Donald Trump axed his new Trump-Pence logo after it received intense scrutiny earlier in the weekend. New logo + Pence now at DonaldJTrump dot com pic.twitter.com/uGQNYKGlok — Joshua Chavers (@JoshuaChavers) July 16, 2016 Trump email this morning. Did they kill … Read More

GOP Rep Mocks FBI’s Clinton Decision With ‘Get out of Jail Free’ Card

On Tuesday, the GOP rioted after they found out the FBI recommended that Hillary Clinton not be charged for her role in hosting classified emails on her private server. “In the real world the American people dont have a “get out … Read More

Trump Hugs American Flag At Rally

Donald Trump literally hugged an American flag on stage at his rally on Saturday in Tampa, Florida. Trump had a rally in Tampa and he gave the flag a big old hug https://t.co/XJvcx8Ssxh pic.twitter.com/beTBfSHsoP — Kristin Salaky (@KristinSalaky) June 11, … Read More

New Hillary Ad Mocks Trump With a Maniacally-Upbeat Trump University Promo

A new ad from the Hillary Clinton campaign mocks Trump University with an energetic and positive-sounding video, that focuses on it being a “scam.” Using clips from MSNBC and other news outlets covering the Trump University lawsuit and the released … Read More

RNC Chief to Clinton: If Anyone Knows Delete Key, It’s You

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and RNC Chief Reince Priebus got into a Twitter spat, after Clinton responded to a Donald Trump tweet with a popular internet meme. A common joke on social media, especially amongst political strategists and journalists, … Read More

Woman Confronts Fla. Governor Over Healthcare Cuts: ‘You’re An Asshole’

Rick Scott wanted some coffee Wednesday morning, and perhaps a fun photo op with the citizens of his state. Instead, he got an earful from an unhappy resident. “You cut Medicaid so I couldn’t get Obamacare,” the woman yelled. “You’re an … Read More

DNC Chair: I’m Not Doing Good Job ‘Blocking’ Sanders

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz appeared on The Daily Show this week, and was asked by host Trevor Noah if she’s “cock-blocking” Senator Bernie Sanders. “As powerful as that makes me feel, I’m not doing a very good job of rigging … Read More