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John Oliver Mocks Trump’s Nuke Stance

On his HBO show Last Week Tonight, John Oliver made light of the comments Donald Trump made in favor of nuclear proliferation. “’Absolutely’ — he says that with the confidence of a man who could easily find Saudi Arabia on the … Read More

SNL Skewers Trump’s ‘Bad Week With Women’

Saturday Night Live hit Donald Trump in their cold open, parodying both his comments about women and his surrogate on CNN Scottie Nell Hughes. The real-life Hughes heard she was about to be parodied, and took it all in stride … Read More

Sanders: I Eat Pizza ‘Without The Fork’

Ohio Governor John Kasich still hasn’t heard the end of it for committing a crime against human nature: eating pizza with a knife and fork. Brooklyn native Senator Bernie Sanders has dived into the debate. In an interview with a … Read More

Sanders Makes Surprise Colbert Appearance

Senator Bernie Sanders held a rally last night in the Bronx, but made some time to stop by the Ed Sullivan theater and Stephen Colbert’s Late Show. It was during a segment called “Wheel of News,” in which they “randomly” select … Read More

Cruz Jokes About Running Over Trump With A Car

The rhetoric on the Republican side of the primary race has been ludicrous from the beginning, however the recent exchanges between Cruz and Trump have been exceedingly ugly. In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Texas Senator made a … Read More

Kasich Defends Eating Pizza With A Fork And Knife

Ohio Governor John Kasich was in New York and went to Gino’s Pizzeria and Restaurant in Queens, New York and then ruined his reputation by using a knife and fork on the pizza like a savage. "I was eating pizza … Read More

Rubio Misspells ‘United States In Letter To Alaska GOP

We all thought Marco Rubio underperformed in the GOP Primary, but it turns out he was actually running for President of a place called “the Untied States.” [email protected] making unprecedented bid to keep his GOP delegates for a contested convention … Read More

Crow Goes Wild As Bird Lands On Sanders’s Podium In Portland

Bernie Sanders got a little help today from a feathered friend at a rally in Portland, Oregon on Friday. While giving his stump speech, a small bird landed on the stage and then hopped up on the podium, right by … Read More

Trump Spokeswoman Earns Twitter Mockery After Horribly Misspelled Tweet

Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson sent out a tweet supporting her boss and his wife’s entrepreneurship. But that’s not what she spelled. Cruz should denounce his SuperPAC for attack on @realDonaldTrump wife. Attacked her because she's a beautiful & successful entanpanuer. … Read More

Study Trump At Lowest Grammar Level Of All Candidates

Many people recognize that when Donald Trump speaks, nonsense comes out. However, if you ask the candidate, he’s a great orator. Yet according to a new study, it turns out he speaks like an eleven-year-old child. “[The Obama Administration] say[s] one … Read More