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White House Invokes ‘Birther’ Claims After Trump Bemoans ‘Fake News’

The White House hit President-elect Donald Trump back with the birther movement after Trump droned on about the media pedaling “fake news.” The Hill reports: Obama spokesman Josh Earnest said that’s the approach the White House took when confronted with … Read More

Tulsi Gabbard Is the Pick for Secretary of State, Not Mitt Romney

Even though Mitt Romney now supports Donald Trump and his administration, it seems like the Secretary of State job will go to Hawaiian politician Tulsi Gabbard, whose views are more in line with Trump’s. The Hill reports: “We will no … Read More

Obama Urged Clinton to Concede on Election Night

The Clinton camp and the Obama camp are fighting, due to a conversation between President Obama and Hillary Clinton, when the former told the latter to concede the election on November 8th. This fight could prove problematic for a vote … Read More

Ivanka Trump in ’06: ‘If He Wasn’t My Father, I Would Spray Him With Mace’

Ivanka Trump did not like her father’s comments about her back in a 2006 interview she gave to the Chicago Tribune. The Hill reports: A quote from Ivanka Trump surfaced Thanksgiving morning, showing her reaction to her father commenting on … Read More

Trump Adviser Tells House Republicans: You’re No Longer Reagan’s Party

Stephen Moore, Donald Trump’s economic adviser, believes that Donald Trump’s win has turned the Republican Party into the Trump Party, shifting it from its ideologically Reagan-esque roots. The Hill reports: Donald Trump’s economic adviser Stephen Moore told a group of top … Read More

Robert De Niro Changes Tune on Trump

Actor Robert De Niro said on Wednesday that he is willing to work with President-elect Donald Trump. In the past, De Niro said he would like to “punch [Trump] in the face.” “I would only say that we’re all hoping, … Read More

CBS News Under Fire for Holding Clip of Trump Telling Supporters Not to Attack Minorities

CBS came under fire on Sunday after it showed a clip of Donald Trump calling for his supporters to stop attacking minorities. "Stop it" Donald Trump says to any of his supporters who may be involved in threatening behavior https://t.co/PGBVkXyvcE … Read More

Michael Moore: Trump Won’t Finish His First Term

Michael Moore does not believe that Donald Trump will finish his first term, because Trump is a huge narcissist. The Hill reports: Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, who correctly forecast the election of Donald Trump, predicted Friday that he will either … Read More

Hundreds of Thousands Sign Petition Demanding Electors Make Clinton President

A petition is making the rounds online to persuade the Electoral College to vote Hillary into office this December. The Hill reports: Nearly 600,000 people and counting have signed a petition calling on members of the Electoral College to vote … Read More

White House Warns Trump: Don’t Attack Michelle Obama

The White House argued Thursday that Donald Trump will sink his campaign if he keeps attacking women and making lewd comments about them. The Hill reports: The White House is warning Donald Trump to not attack first lady Michelle Obama … Read More