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DEA Raids Legal Pot, Synthetic Cannabis Sellers While Massachusetts Declares “Heroin Emergency”

In my last piece, I discussed testimony from DEA Chief Michele Leonhart which seems to suggest that she is instructing the agency to ignore the President’s mandate that legal pot be left alone. While the DEA refused to comment, it … Read More

DEA Chief “Fighting Back” Against Obama Administration’s Lax Pot Policy (UPDATED)

President Barack Obama was elected to office in 2008 on a wave of hopeful anticipation that America was going to enter a new age. Frankly, much like the oft-scorned first Star Wars prequel, the expectations were so high that there … Read More

Wall Street Lawyer: Rand Paul/Ted Cruz vs. Elizabeth Warren in 2016 “Everybody’s Worst Nightmare.”

Anyone interested in the 2016 Presidential Race is essentially engaging in political fanfiction. One thing to watch is the money and right now most donors on Wall Street are simply waiting and watching to see how the field shapes up … Read More

U.S. Supreme Court Denies Hearing “Indefinite Dentention” Legal Challenge

With the hyper-rhetoric in American politics today, it is often difficult to discern when an issue is as serious as it sounds. If you only watched cable news, you’d kind of know that the NSA can read everything we do … Read More

“Baby Truther” Steve Malzberg Alleges Chelsea Clinton Pregnancy Staged for 2016

Not everyone responded to the news that Chelsea Clinton was pregnant with some version of the standard “Aw, that’s nice.” Conservative radio host Steve Malzberg reported on the announcement to his listeners, but chose to advance the theory that this … Read More

Michele Bachmann: American Jews ‘Sold Out’ Israel For Obama

Michele Bachmann has outraged plenty of people in the American Jewish community by declaring they “sold out” in supporting Barack Obama. The Republican from Minnesota spoke out after the president made an agreement with Iran to temporarily hold off on … Read More

Attorney General Eric Holder Hospitalized For ‘Shortness Of Breath’

Attorney General Eric Holder was hospitalized Thursday morning after experiencing “faintness and shortness of breath” at a meeting of senior Department of Justice staff, but is now resting at home. DOJ Director of Public Affairs Brian Fallon wrote in a statement … Read More

Michele Bachmann: America Isn’t Ready For A Woman President

Michele Bachmann has enraged women across America by declaring that the U.S. isn’t ready to have a woman serve as president. The controversial conservative declared that “white guilt” was the only reason Barack Obama won his two terms in office … Read More

African-American Activists Declare Obama Is ‘Hurtful’ To Black Race

A surprising video released last week show several African-American activists from Obama’s hometown of Chicago declaring that he should resign. The video was released by a website called Rebel Pundit and was filmed shortly after Obama gave his State of … Read More

Fox News Contributor: Black ‘Rage’ Is What Makes White People Racist

A Fox News contributor has declared that racism is largely over in America and that any which remains is due to the “rage” of African-Americans. American Family Radio host Sandy Rios was accused of being racist towards black people by … Read More