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Cult of Outrage: Simpsons/Family Guy Crossover Under Fire For “Rape Joke”

The crossover episode between The Simpsons and Family Guy is gimmicky, but also something that the folks at Fox surely salivated over until it was agreed to. However, the episode is under fire for a “rape joke” in the trailer … Read More

New York “Shut Up Law” Tries to Curb Political Spending, Infringes Free Speech

The problem of political money influencing elections has always been a tricky one, but many Americans of all ideological backgrounds realize something must be done. However, since the Supreme Court ruled the money equals speech, any effort to curtail political … Read More

Should Hackers, Viewers of Leaked Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton Pictures on 4Chan Be Charged With Sexual Assault?

A large amount of personal, intimate photos of celebrities were leaked online, including a number of pictures of Jennifer Lawrence in various states of undress and the photo collection of Jason Verlander of the Detriot Tigers which featured supermodel Kate … Read More

Market May Have Overreacted to Walgreens’ Economic Patriotism

It is a common point made in political campaigns, that businesses are sending jobs overseas. What’s even more common, rarely mentioned in politics but a ubiquitous business reality, is for prominent American companies to move their headquarters overseas to lighten … Read More

American Family Association Admits Defeat, Wishes Homosexuals Would Go “Back Into the Closet”

Whenever someone says a curse word on network TV or if a new show happens to promote a “nontraditional” lifestyle, the news media can often frame a faux culture-war debate by ringing up the American Family Association for comment. For … Read More

The Trenches at Home: The Father of Veteran Treatment Courts

The first annual Veteran Court Conference in Washington D.C. had its share of “celebrities” in attendance. There were lawmakers, the Secretary of the VA, and even the new director of Justice for Vets—the nonprofit organization responsible for the conference—Melissa Fitzgerald … Read More

The Trenches at Home: Veterans, Crime, and PTSD Through History (Part 1)

Brockton D. Hunter is a man large in stature, but gentle in demeanor. Yet, when he talks about veterans, he is anything but gentle. America, he said in a talk at the first annual Veteran Courts Conference, has a tradition of treating … Read More

The Trenches at Home: Passing the VA Reform Bill

The much-vaunted $17 billion deal between Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Jeff Miller, respective chairs of the Senate and House Committees on Veterans Affairs, was celebrated as a triumph of bipartisanship. However, the bill still has to pass in both … Read More

The Trenches at Home: How to Fix the Broken VA

With the confirmation of former Procter & Gamble CEO Robert McDonald as VA secretary, the beleaguered department stands to undergo a complete overhaul. While there are sure to be differences between how Sec. McDonald would handle fixing a private organization … Read More

The Trenches at Home: The Secretary is Resigned, Long Live the Secretary

Shortly before 3 p.m. Eastern today the Senate began a vote to confirm the new secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. His unanimous confirmation* was all but assured after the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs sent his nomination to … Read More